When Did Dating A Married Man Become Ok?


This question came up after reading a letter or tweet by Mashonda aka Swizz Beatz wife. Go to NecoleBitchie.com or MissJia.com for the actual letter. Normally, I wouldn’t respond to celeb drama because I never want to be confused as a celeb blogger. This is an exception. Mainly, because this is one of the few celeb situations that is real life. Just to brief you on the situation a little, just in case you are clueless to who these people are. Swizz is well known in the music industry as a producer. Mashonda is or was a well known singer. Mashonda and Swizz are currently still married but he is openly dating Alicia Keys. They have a son together and are now divorcing. This has been going on for about two years and Mashonda just recently found out about the affair. Google it if you need any more info.

So when did dating a married man become ok? Umm NEVER! Society is making this situation ok for certain people. I read a blog that actually defended the situation. This was so surprising because it was written by a female. I guess since its celebs involved its ok. Not for me though. I am so disgusted with Alicia and any female who commits such a crime. I mean for one, he was and still is married to Mashonda. The divorce has not been finalized yet. They were not separated at the time when the affair first started. (Even if they were separated she would have been wrong and so would he. As long as you are legally married you are not single). So yes, Alicia knew that he was married. From what Mashonda has said they have both lied to her repeatedly saying they only had a work relationship. The sad part is that, he has a child with this woman. Their son is two and so is this affair. I was so disappointed with A. Keys because of the fact that she hasn’t fallen back. I wish she would wake up and realize the same way you got him could possibly be the same way you lose him. She hasn’t responded to any of the press nor has she officially come out and denied any of the allegations. I wish she would be the real “Superwoman” she claims to be and just step out the way until the ink dries on the divorce.

What gets me is; why isn’t A. Keys upset that he hasn’t divorced Mashonda? The fact that it’s taking him forever to make it happen would bother me. I am not taking the focus off of Swizz because he was even more wrong than A. Keys in this drama. He should have been up front with Mashonda and said I want out. This is embarrassing for her to say the least. She lost her husband publicly and to a woman who portrays the image of a good girl. That’s what peeps fail to realize. Alicia is just an image. Obviously, she is not the woman she sings about. (Relationship wise) It sucks because so many women are defending Alicia in this situation. They feel Mashonda should just let it go and let them be together. I read a blog that said “Can she help that she fell in love with a married man?” Umm yes she can. She didn’t have to go on that date or take that kiss so; yes she can control her feelings for him. Now to all of you women who feel that Mashonda should let it go please answer me this; if your husband cheats on you will you let it go? Umm no ma’am you will not. You would be mollywopping that chick all through the streets every chance you get. Mashonda has been very mature about the situation because only God knows what I would have done to both of them.

It sucks that peeps can’t get past the fact that Alicia is human. She has made a mistake and now she needs to be a woman and fix it. She doesn’t have to publicly say anything but she needs to apologize for adding to their divorce. I am sure they were already having problems prior but she deepened the wound by stepping in. Ladies, please stop settling for being the other woman. It’s not a good look. Stop pretending like Alicia is not wrong. If this was a normal chick y’all would be ready to fight. She is not that special. 

Mashonda has the right to be angry and hurt so stop dismissing her feelings. It’s not fair. I am just so done with women settling to be the side chick. If I can’t be his main chick then I don’t want him. He has no respect for you when he makes you his side piece. Regardless, of what anyone thinks Alicia is a jump off. Until she becomes number one in his life that will be her title. I am not judging her but I was so aggravated watching women defend her. That’s why I blogged about it. Then these same women criticize Kim Zolciak for dating Big Poppa. Let’s be fair now ladies. I pray that they all get through this for the child. He has to deal with this because for the rest of his life he will always be in the middle of this situation. To all of the jump offs of the world just know this… you may be having tons of fun right now but eventually you will marry. When you do you will be praying to God he doesn’t do the same thing to you,that you did to some other woman.



2 thoughts on “When Did Dating A Married Man Become Ok?

  1. Girl, you said that. You did that.

    I am absolutely amazed that there are so many people out there who are willing to turn a blind to and accept Alicia’s behavior. Yes, the girl is talented but that talent doesn’t mean that she can no longer be labeled as a homewrecker.

    Another thing that bothers me is how people are judging Mashonda for the way she chose to handle her feelings. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me that I have “no right” to express myself the way that I do. Excuse me…but are you me? I think that we need to let people handle their own business as they see fit and stop trying to dictate how one should man their emotions. That pisses me off.

    Nonetheless, at the end of it all, a child is involved. And although he might not understand it now, children are extremely intuitive and can “feel” when somethings not right. Further, once he gets older, he will have access to the internet (or have friends who will) and then how do you explain it?

    Anyway you did a great job with blogging here. Thanks for linking me up!


  2. LOL I know I am late. But again thank you for commenting. I was so upset with how so many women dismissed her feelings. I can’t lol. Come back and read more!!

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