Goals or A Man???

Yesterday, I did a twitter question asking would you give up your goals/dreams for your relationship? The main answer was NO! ( Even though I know a lot of peeps do *side eye*) This question came from a convo I had with a young woman while at work. Let’s just say the convo made my head hurt and on top of that, it made me think about a lot of things. Ok, so to sum the convo up, me and her were talking aboutour  future plans. Now three yrs ago she wanted to be a doctor and cure the world. She leaves school to go help out family (still enrolled online) comes back she’s engaged and has decided to just be a nurse. That was fine but of course I asked why the change of heart; basically she was getting married and he is an army man and she is willing to chase him.

 Well yesterday, I asked her how were her classes going and she said she dropped out, to work at a Texaco for the rest of her life.( No joke she said she could do it forever) She said that she would be running that joint in less than a year. I asked her what happened to her dreams and goals; she said she just wasn’t into school anymore. I said you prefer to work hard for your money instead of following your dream, and having things be a little easier on you financially. Even though doctors work hard, the money is worth it. Now, this is not the first convo me and her had; prior to this one she was saying how his job is good and they were going to marry and all that bull. So eventually, I let it go because this chick had went bonkers and she had let herself go to be a wife and work some dead end job forever.

So would you give you up for him? Me personally heck no! I have dreams bigger than me and him combined. There is no way I can let them go for a man. Love is deep and powerful but when you let it not only stop your dreams but keep you from being GREAT then you have a real problem. I feel like God gives us goals and dreams and He wants them fulfilled so you better take advantage of it. It’s like wasting a talent He gave you to give everyone. Now I know peeps change and I am sure she did but I also think she is settling for less than her potential. Now she may be happy but I never want her to wonder what if? I do what I can to make sure I follow my heart because God gave me a talent that most would love to have and I have to use it. If I decide not to then I want to be able to say it was a decision based off of me and not my relationship.

I feel when you give up something for your partner you could possibly end up blaming the other person for your shortcomings. We all know that will lead to arguments and an unhappy situation! Sacrificing your happiness to let your partner be great is not worth anything. If that person really loves you they want to see you be all that you can be. That may be cheesy but it’s true. He/she will want to see you do great things. So peeps don’t give up you for an us! Make sure YOU mean something in the world first before you try and make the two of you together mean something.

*MUAH* (My shortest blog yet. This is common sense so no need to do a lot of explaining ) Now go and be GREAT!!


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