Do You Keep Him Even Though He Cheated?


This question has puzzled the minds of many women and some men for ages. Everyone has an opinion about it and they all have good reasoning about why they would leave or stay. Now of course, I asked it as a twitter question and most said they would bounce. I actually didn’t have anyone say that they would stay; that shocked me because so many women or men stay in relationships with someone who cheats. My next question was what if you were married to that person who cheated on you? The same response basically. That question made me think because when you get married you take vows. I am not sure how the exact words go but I know its for better or for worse. So I was wondering does the better or worse include cheating? Or is that excluded? Now I am not sure nor do I have the answers but I do have an opinion as to what I would do in this situation.

 Now me personally if I was ever cheated on (I don’t get caught up in relationships yet) I think I would actually have to consider a few things. For one thing I would have to ask myself how much this relationship actually means to me? Honestly, would you be willing to give up on a relationship if he stepped out once? I am not excusing that he or she cheated I am just saying one time may really be a mistake. Now, if we were already having problems (if he/she cheats you all have problems you just don’t know) or close to breaking up or divorcing then yes, I probably would walk because that would let me know it’s not worth saving or holding on too. Now if I felt that we could possibly make it work then, I would do all I can to save it. It’s no point in throwing away years of a good relationship for a mistake that happened once. (It couldn’t be a repeated offense or nothing this is a one time thing) I would definitely go to some type of marriage counseling. I don”t believe I could just let it go. Now if we were just dating holla, man down. We wouldn’t have much to lose because we wouldn’t be connected by vows or anything. I feel when just dating I better be madly in love to try and make it work otherwise I’ll holla. When you are married you have time and emotions invested into the marriage and maybe even kids so you may have to reconsider leaving.

The second question would be: Do the other person really want it? Now I may want the relationship but my spouse/bf may not. Some peeps will cheat and hope to get caught because they know you will walk away from the relationship. That way they dont have to dump you. (As stupid as that sounds it happens) For me, if I know he doesn’t really want to be there then, I would do all I needed to do to let him be free. I wouldn’t make him miserable by begging him to stay. Even though so many women do that if he doesn’t want you anymore and he want to be out there let him be. That would be the first question I ask him anyway. I would want to know. You can’t force him to stay.If it is a continuing pattern then you need to bounce I would get over it once but twice means my self esteem extra low. If you think your girl would deal with that all the time you are nuts.

Lastly can we move on? If I think we would always hold it over each others heads about the indiscretion then I would let it go. Sometimes you can’t move on from it because it’s always there. Some peeps can get counseling and let it go and go on like nothing happened. I would have to see if we could make the relationship work. If not then I’ll holla!

These are my opinions and I know a lot of peeps are gonna say she is crazy for even considering staying with a cheating man. It’s one of those situations I think you have to be in to understand. (I pray whomever I marry feels I am enough for him) Plus majority of y’all reading have stayed with one or just pretended like you didn’t know he/she was cheating. Everyone dogs the women on Maury and all the other cheater shows but if that was you: Would You Keep Him Even Though He Cheated?


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