How Many Times Do I Have To Tell YOU!!!!!

How many times do I have to tell  you that being a hoe is not cute? I read this blog today that had me very disturbed! I can’t remember the name of it or the author; just know it proved to me that women don’t mind being hoes! The blog was about a young woman sleeping  with an engaged man and being proud of it. HUH? No ma’am you should be ashamed. It’s one thing to not know he’s engaged but she knew. She felt she did nothing wrong. To top it off, she was upset when he broke it off b/c he would be marrying that week. Now, I won’t keep rambling about this wack blog but I will say this… The way you get your man could be the way you lose him.

No one seems to have morals anymore!! I can’t understand, how you can try and justify the fact that you are a hoe! I always would hear females say, I can care less about her feelings! Well, there will be a chick who will not care about yours. Karma is somewhat real to me. I feel like you can get everything back that you dish out. If you sleep with married men, then when you get married be prepared for a life of worries. I did a post similar to this already about Miss Keys! You regular basic b****** aren’t excluded from this hoe sh**. It’s not cute at all.

He will not leave his wife for you! If he does then more than likely you will not marry him!! SMH I went on a twitter rant earlier about this! I was so irritated b/c I know so many women do this. What’s the point? There are plenty of men out there for all of us. You don’t have to take someone elses. Not cool! I am done b/c chicks like that annoy me! They make it hard for us WOMEN who want to be in a stable relationship. We already have to keep these men happy, now we have to worry about if he is stepping out on us. Now, he is wrong also but this post was for you! So if you are a hoe, please do society a favor and STOP! You are worth more than that, don’t limit yourself to someone elses man!!



3 thoughts on “How Many Times Do I Have To Tell YOU!!!!!

  1. Well said sunshine . We need to work to build our own longterm
    relationships , not erode others efforts with quick flings . Speak out
    again and again , some folks do hear you , and do care , as you do .

    • Thank YOU!! I really appreciate that comment!! I know, you would think these women would know it is not cute to be whores but they will learn!! Thank you for commenting and visiting!! Please keep coming back!!

  2. Hey hey .

    I was lookin back , surfin along , and think that maybe I can offer more thoughts .

    The mating game , is a most wonderful thing . If one looks out through all of

    Nature , the birds and the fish , do it . The plants , do it , with the symbiotic help ,

    of the bee’s and the birds . All the rest of our Mammal Family , Lion’s Goat’s and

    Whale’s , and Bat’s Fox”s and Sheep , have their natural way , of choosing , or not

    choosing a mate/partner . Apparently , tho I’ve never had a chance to see it ,

    Sea-horse’s , when they meet , do like a dance , and swim up together , in a close

    spiral , and upon accepting each other , spiral back downwards , and share their

    commitment , to the next generation of Life .

    As a male , I must strut , or be left behind . I understand , or try to follow , how

    complex and intricate this usually can be , Me and my Lissa , in our mid 50’s ,

    now on twelve years of sharing , I hope , I keep my girl happy , and not lose her

    to someone else’s charms . It’s up to me , what happens tomorrow .

    It’s a great thing in Life , just girl-watchin , an the little kids and the oldies , enjoy

    their time . Do not let some take that away from you .

    The real world . Peace Ron .

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