Child Support: Ladies You Are Not Exempt!!!

Seriously, you are not exempt for having to pay up!! Women always want the man to pay up for his children. Whether he is a good father or just a baby daddy, y’all want that money. Which we all know only 25% of that money goes on the child. SMH! But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? You women flip out when y’all get served with papers. Yes, this situation is rare but it happens. I should know. I am watching a coworker of mines go through this. She is beyond pissed that her ex served her, with not only C.S. papers, but full custody of a child that she hasn’t seen in years. (No desire to see any of her kids, except the one she got)

I told that monkey she is not exempt to paying up. I feel if you made it, then you should take care of it. If the shoe was on the other foot she would want that money from him. It’s only fair that you being a man or woman give into your child’s life. Stop quitting your jobs (she has threatened to do this) so you don’t have to pay. Stop whining that they took half your paycheck, I don’t care. You should have kept your legs closed.

It’s sad that people even have to bring in a third-party, but if you do please just handle your responsibilities. Women should get the same treatment when it comes to paying. You aren’t special because YOU decided to let him take the kid, so you wouldn’t have to keep it. So if you would want his money then best believe he wants yours. The judge won’t give a rats butt about you crying because you don’t think it’s fair. A real mother would have done all she could to keep that child and made a way for them to work it out. But since most women aren’t real with themselves, these are the type of situations they end up in. Just know C.S. is good. Why? Because you should want your baby to have the best in life. That requires money. Yeah yeah love too!! But money is gonna help them to survive. It is also good if you are a deadbeat mom. Like not visiting your kids, sending money says, “I may not like you but I will support you”.

So ladies, pay up if you are in this situation. Don’t be like men and run from it. You should want to do this. If you can’t afford the payments, talk to the father or whoever has your kids  and let them know. I am sure they will work with you. Honestly, I think even if the grandparents have the kids, you should pay them!! #justsayin Pay up or shut up because the non payers have a lot to say about how their children are being raised. No say so until you do right by your kid.



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