Before I Post About Interracial Issues!!!

Well they look happy. My question is why does the above pictures freak majority of black women out??? Discuss… (Leave Comments)


4 thoughts on “Before I Post About Interracial Issues!!!

  1. I think many think that dating outside of their race means that they have abandoned their own race for another, which is simply NOT the case at all. You hear this in people’s comments saying “it’s so hard to find a good black man/woman.”

    Or if you are dating outside your race, some people will say “oh you couldn’t find a black woman/man that you like?” etc.

    I think people should know and realize you can find love in other races as well as your own. It’s okay to have a preference but being close-minded is not.

    • Thank You so much for commenting!!! I really appreciate it!! I also agree. To have a preference is one thing but being close-minded is another. That is something I am working on myself. Yes, sometimes we get looked at as dissing “our own” so to say!! Make sure you come back and read the blog!! It will be posted very soon!!

  2. I’m still getting used to it myself and I’m bi-racial :s
    Its beautiful because its different. A few of my girls prefer white men, and I’m happy as long as they are!
    Its 2009, if folks still have a problem with OREO couples they need to get out more straight up!

    • Girl thanks for commenting!! Now you should be used to this by being bi-racial. Naw just kidding but me myself I am having to learn to broaden my horizons. So I think I may open up and date a white man. IDK come back a new post will be up soon!!

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