Why Are There Broke Christians?

If Anyone Will Not Work Neither Shall He Eat – 2 Thessalonians 3:10-11; But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?-James 2:20

Three reasons: Faith, Tithing and not working

I must say I think those are my favorite scriptures. I use them quite often at my job and apply them to my everyday life. I often wonder why are a lot of Christians lacking financially? Growing up I watched people struggle financially but they would always say “God will supply my needs or I am believing God to help me pay this and that”. I would think, how can you ask God for help with something that you don’t help yourself with? As an adult I realized you shouldn’t expect God to continuously bail you out every time you get in a bind financially. Sometimes I feel He will begin to let you fall down and get evicted or repossessed to teach you a lesson that you need.

Now I am not saying you shouldn’t ask Him for help or you shouldn’t believe that He won’t supply your needs. But sheesh you could try to help yourself. I feel like the Bible sometimes manifest in Christians lives when it comes to those scriptures. Every time we, as Christians, get behind on a bill or evicted we are telling non-believers that God doesn’t have us. Yes, I know you are saying that is not true, but people who already don’t believe and see us struggling to make ends meet begin to question our faith. They began to question the things we say because of the things they are seeing.  YOU PUSH THEM FURTHER FROM GOD! We all fall on hard times and we all have times when that card declines but it shouldn’t be a constant thing.

I remember my folks telling me how my Nanan (yes I know it’s a N on the end of it) wouldn’t work or even take her medicine b/c she felt that since she was a Christian that God would make ways for her bills to be paid. That was crazy!! I liked that she had faith in what God can do but He also want us to work. James 2:20 is perfect for that last sentence it says “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead”? I can believe all day and I can pray every other minute about my financial situation but if I don’t put forth the effort and work, the prayers are pointless.

Now on to you guys who do work. Recently I begin to tithe again. When Christians don’t tithe we become Kingdom Thieves. Tithing is important in our lives. It helps us grow not only in His word but financially. When you give God His money in turn He gives you more back. When you don’t tithe that means you are lacking in faith. You don’t believe that God got you. He got you trust Him. Faith is important in your walk with God. It’s like telling Him “Hey dude I trust you with my life and my bank account, I trust that you got me and you won’t let me fall as long as I please you and believe”. (I talk to him like that sometimes)

The sad part is the lacking Christians are the ones who can quote the Bible backwards and forwards. They can preach to everyone about what they should be doing but yet they can’t afford to pay a bill on time or they are constantly getting evicted. To sum this up, Christians you must stand on his Word about your finances. If you tithe then you say some type of confession or prayer before you drop your money into the bucket. He says to call Him on it so do it!! You have to work. I know some may say who doesn’t work? Trust me some Christians have taken the Bible to another level and have given up on work. Get a job and stop being lazy. You need to have faith in what He will do for you because He got you. We should be the most successful and richest in the world yet we are the poorest. (that’s at a Body) “The World” as some call it, are ballers. Why? Because they have faith in themselves, they work and they tithe to their bank accounts. They put away instead of buying unneccessary things. So honestly maybe we should watch what they do, tweak it and apply it. #justsayin<< I think that only works on twitter.


 P.S. Since being on my own since 18 I kept the same job, actually moved into management and school. So old heads you can do it. I promise. Never been evicted or had nothing I own taken because of my finances. Why? Because I work and save duh!


5 thoughts on “Why Are There Broke Christians?

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  2. Yes, speak on it Je’Tara! I’m not a devout Christian, but I was raised in the church and I’ve seen the folks you speak of, who expect Jesus to come flying out of the sky to save them when they have not proven to him that they deserve his blessings.
    Christian or not, the universe is not going to budge unless you do. I’ve been on my own for awhile and I’ve had to learn the hard way about saving..I’m really bad at it…but I’m beginning to see the light…share some of your tips girl!!!!!!
    great post 🙂

    • I should do a post on how to manage money. LOL I just save I don’t really like spending my money.But I never understood how they could ask Him to help when they wouldn’t help themselves. Never got it. Thank You ma’am for commenting and the compliment!!

  3. The curse of the law (including tithing) ended at Calvary per Galatians 3:10-13.

    Numbers 18:20-28 required tithe recipients to forfeit property ownership which is ignored today. God never commanded the Church or Gentiles to tithe.

    According to Acts 21:20-21 the Jewish Christians never stopped paying tithes to the Temple system.

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