Blog Update

First off Thank You to the people who read my blog!! It makes me feel so special to know that you come by. I will be continuing my post on interracial issues. I also will began to post about just random every day things. (Trust me my every day can sometimes be interesting while at work) I wanted to know if you all had any suggestions or discussion post? I would like for my readers to become involved in my blogs. I love that some of you are consistent commenters. It makes me feel like a few people are getting my point and something I am saying has an effect on someone. I am thinking about doing a new set up with the blog to make it more my own. I want to make it more personal and show more of me.

So if you have any suggestions feel free to express them. Any specific post you would like to see let me know. I would love to interact with you guys more. Oh yeah guys can you do me a favor? SUBSCRIBE I would love some subscribers to the blog. I see the support as I said but I would love to have some more consistent readers.



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