I swear you females (wordpress keep telling me to put women but women don’t do these type of things) are gonna make me punch each one of you in the face. So today or rather yesterday I was going through my daily blogs and ran across a particular post that just made my blood boil. The young woman decided to e-mail all the popular blog sites and let them know that her ex-boyfriend sent out nude pictures of her and ruined her career. If you want to know exactly what I am talking about go here (Necole Bitchie site).

Now this is the third time I have posted about loose women who sleep with married men. It bothers me because this woman wanted sympathy for what he did. UMMM Negative you got absolutely no sympathy from anyone. I read the comments on both Necole’s site and Sandra Rose and they went in on her. I can’t believe women still think that men will leave their wives for them. Really??? You really think he is gonna leave his wife and children for you??? Girl get a grip on life. This man had a baby with his wife while he was with you, so that should have let you know that he was happy in his home.

You can’t continue to get this game ran on you women. This is crazy!! What is weird to me is the fact that her family knew about him. She says they welcomed him into the family and celebrated when he had his child. UMM my folks would have ripped me a new booty hole. No way they accepted this I refuse to believe it.

Women please chill with this adultery mess for real. This is not cute. Men have a way of running game and making you believe that eventually you will be number one. You shouldn’t be so gullible to the fact that a married or even a man in a committed relationship will choose you over HER. Honey, he is just running wild being a whore while you look like an idiot. I won’t continue to ramble because it’s pointless. But ladies leave the #hoesh** in 2009!! 2010 don’t won’t it. Find your own husband and leave others alone. (Oh and men I am gonna rip your butt holes open real soon also)

But before I end let me just let you know if you don’t click the link for the original story. She left her FIANCEE for a married man!!!! *throws up hands, rolls eyes and sips tea* #thatisall #Iamdone!!!!


P.S. This blog was just not for that young lady but for any of you who participate in these antics. And for the commenters on both sites. I know a few of you took up for Alicia Keys when she did the same thing but dogging this woman. Hate to tell you but #ahoeisahoe regardless of who they are and what they do. So don’t dog her and stick up for A. Keys because you being low down. I think both of them are low down but just remember THE SAME WAY YOU GOT HIM IS THE SAME WAY YOU WILL LOSE HIM!!!

MUAH (for real this time) My post on A. Keys (Geez I used hoe a lot but what else do you call it? Sheesh! Oh yeah and I know it’s whore Lame)!


7 thoughts on “UGGGGHHHHHHH Not Again!!!!

  1. Great post. I agree with you. It seems that adultery is to the point of becoming commonplace in our current society & that is VERY BAD. I keep asking myself: Where are the morals? It seems like some people nowadays lack integrity & respect. What do you think?

    • Oh I agree!! This is my third post on this one subject and I am sure I will do many others! It’s sad because women gravitate towards married men for some reason. It bothers me because the actual wife and children get hurt in the end when this all surfaces. I wish these women would stop settling for just being the jump off and actually learn that they have more worth than that! She had no respect for that man, his wife or kids. What was crazy was the fact that she figured the world would sympathize with her and no one is. (I followed her on twitter and her the same but she deleted her page I wish I could contact her) Thank You for commenting and please stop by again!!

  2. Sometimes it happens. Just think about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. He was married and he left his wife for Alicia, after they have been sneaking around for nearly a decade. He was still married to his wife and then had a baby with his wife, while still doing his dead with Alicia Keys. Ugh! I lost so much respect for Alicia after that.

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