Discussion Post! 42% of Black Women Single!

Did you agree with this video? Leave your thoughts and comments.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Post! 42% of Black Women Single!

    • HAHA yes I know how you feel on it. I really enjoyed the conversation with you. It was fun but it was nice to know that someone else thinks like me!! Hey I added you to my blog roll!!!

  1. Honestly, I think its pretty damn depressing. Basically, ppl are telling Black women to lower their standards JUST to find a basic, bum, b*tch-azz man lol!!! I’m sorry but I’m phenomenal and I want a man who is on my level…if I can’t have that then I shouldn’t settle for less.

    Why do a majority of Black men want white, latino, biracial or asian women??? The men in my family are very successful and handsome. None of them make under six figures, are educated (some have PhDs, everyone has a college degree), own nice homes, drive plush rides…and all of them are married to beautiful, black women. Therefore, I truly don’t understand these statistics…maybe it has something to do with how alot of these men were raised or brought up.

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