A Few Randoms About Me!

I am often told that I am one of the hardest people to get to know. Which may be true. I rarely talk about myself and if you ask me anything, I have been known to turn question into questions. So I decided to put up a few randoms about myself to maybe help some people get a better understanding of me. Nothing too personal we ain’t that cool. J/K hopefully one day I will put up my life story for ya. (This pic makes me look like I am blogging.)

1. I am very shy. Yes, I know it may not seem like it if you follow me on twitter but I am not much of a talker. That is why I always say, “Twitter is for the socially inept people of the world”. It takes me awhile to open up. I will let people talk all day sometimes and just listen. By the end of the conversation you will walk away with nothing about me. #kanyeshrug I know I must work on it in #2010

2. I am an aspiring songwriter. I don’t see myself doing much else in life. I want to write for the up and comers and the people who are struggling in the industry. I see myself putting Kelly Rowland on the map in the U.S. and Toni Braxton would win grammies off my work. I just want to help the ones who have a hard time shining. I feel like God gave me a gift to share and I plan on sharing it with the masses but in a good way. (I would so write for Beyonce.)

3. I LOVE Words because words turn into songs and songs becomes music. I love the way words can help me to express what others are feeling. (I don’t even write personal songs.) I love how they sound when someone sings them. I love how they just roll off your tongue when you speak them. I love how people say them incorrectly or differently because I feel it gives them new meaning. I just love them altogether.

4. I LOVE AND LIVE FOR MUSIC. It’s all I know honestly. My Love for Music is almost the same as my Love for words. I swear I get lost in melodies and all that jazz. (I know this one seems corny but I just do.) I hear a melody or a song anywhere. I can be at work and swear I hear melodies while making pizzas. My aunt says I been writing and singing since I was a child and she has recordings of this songs. LOL (You can not come home with me she will pull them out.) It is something I am very passionate about but I have put on hold for a minute also.

5. I am a huge Beyonce fan. I have all the albums and feel no one is better than her right now. #thatisall.

6. I hate college. Yeah I admit it I hate it. I still can’t figure out why I am still here. (I know but I just won’t say.)

7. I love kids. I think they are Gods best creation. Then those suckers turn three and they move and talk too much. LOL I kid but I love them and would like to maybe have some. I cry when kids get spankings. I know they need them but it makes me sad.

8. I’m opinionated. I may not say much but when I do watch out and beware. I only speak when I feel like I need to. I will tell you how I feel if I feel you will pay attention.

9. I hate shopping for clothes. Always have. I love buying books and gadgets but not clothes. My favorite stores are Books-A-Million, Gamestop and shoe stores. I love shoes but hate clothes. I know it sounds weird for a female but I get headaches and nauseated when I have to go shopping. NO LIE!

10. I am a great friend. I am a great listener and will tell you the truth if I feel you need it. I love my friends like family that is why I only choose to have a few. When you are my friend I will bend over backwards to make sure you are well taken care of. No financial support from me. (If you need it maybe.) But emotionally I got you.

That is all for now. Maybe you learned something new about me. Who knows. I am trying to become more open because I know it irritates people who want to get in. Also I have some catch up blogging to do. I promise this year I will focus more on blogging.



4 thoughts on “A Few Randoms About Me!

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