Nicki Minaj= The Confidence Booster

I know some of you are gonna be like, Je’Tara has lost her freaking mind but I haven’t I promise. I like Nicki for mutiple reasons. I like her silly raps because to me they are hilarious. But one thing that stands out about Nicki is her confidence. Obvisously, Nicki is very confident in the way she raps, looks and dress. (We all seen her on 106 and park she has to be a confident woman to dress like that.) She calls herself the Harajuku Barbie, and so does her fans. That is why I like her. See everyone is making these little jokes about these women calling themselves Barbie and not being beautiful. But everytime you knock down their confidence Nicki brings it back up.

I watched one girl get slaughtered on twitter because she called herself a Barbie. Yes, a few of the jokes were funny but it got me thinking, why are we making fun of these young black girls (majority of the girls who call themselves Barbie are black) who wouldn’t normally be this confident because they call themselves Barbie? After I thought about it for awhile, I came to the conclusion that even though I wish they would chill with this Barbie talk, I won’t be one of the ones making fun of them for doing it.

Being a black woman who has some extra weight on her I know how it feels to need that extra confidence booster. For me it was “Booylicious” for these girls it’s Nicki. So stop telling them not to call themselves Barbie because if it helps them feel pretty then by all means let them be. I hope that one day they don’t have to resort to the whole “I am a Barbie movement” but for now it works. So Nicki keep giving them confidence in that department because some of them need it. (Try to tone down them outfits though, we don’t need them dressing slutty.)



8 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj= The Confidence Booster

  1. What an interesting perspective.
    I purposely haven’t heard the song or got into Miss Nicki, just cause…
    I dont know personally I’m not down with associating my beauty & my fabulosity with that of a plastic doll with unrealistic body proportions, but I say that without hearing the song…
    Every generation is different and I mean I respect anyone who is hustling and helps young women with their confidence but I hope these young women know they are so much more than a doll playing dress up looking cute….

    • I just really thought about it one day. I felt so bad because honestly the girls who call themselves Barbie aren’t very pretty. I kinda thought to myself well maybe this helps their self esteem. It’s almost like a crutch for them because we all have crutches. I hope that one day, they will know that they are worth so much more but for the time being I say have at it. Now these older ladies yeah they need to quit it. But for the younger girls who need that boost I say go for it.

    • Thank you for commenting!!! Yeah I just really sat back and thought about the impact she has over these girls. Yes it’s annoying and you want them to know they are worth more but Barbie is pretty and them calling themselves Barbie makes them feel beautiful. So I say have at it.

  2. I think that maybe the problem with the “Barbie” perspective is that Barbie has always mimicked the image of one particular group of women: Caucasian, perky, perfect, slim, blonde hair and blue eyes. For me, I can’t quite get over that imagery because it has been sold and advertised so well. I think that these young African American women need to identify with something that fits outside of the Barbie criteria. Create your own. I am really beginning to think that there are no decent original role models left to encourage or lift up. Nicki Minaj has certainly started a “Harajuku Barbie” revolution, but I think that, besides giving young Black girls a reason to feel beautiful and confident, it has invoked an image that doesn’t really apply to the average African American girl.

    • I agree. When I did this post it was towards the beginning of her career. I didn’t realize that Nicki would keep it going this long. (I didn’t think Nicki would still be relevant.) But now it’s just getting ridic and I really want them to stop and move on. At first it really was a confidence boost now it’s just an annoyance.

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