Beauty Crutches

My last post was about Nicki Minaj and her being a confidence booster. Well, as I was responding to a comment, I started thinking about the fact that being a Barbie is like a crutch for the young women that claim that. For them it could be all they have to feel pretty. Then I started thinking about the fact that as women, we all have crutches for beauty. Now, our crutches aren’t as silly as these girls or women but we have them. My crutch is make-up. Yes, I think I am pretty but as soon as I put on make-up I feel beautiful. So for me that is a crutch. It helps boost my confidence to another level and that’s something I need sometimes. It gives me something that I may not have on a particular day. I don’t wear it daily but when I need it, I put it on.

Some crutches could also be designer clothes, shoes, bags, plastic surgery and many other things. But these things are considered acceptable because majority of people have them. Now I am not saying every female who wears designer clothes or make-up use it as a crutch but enough do. Some women will never leave the house without a full face, designer outfit and whatever else. Those clothes make them feel beautiful, it gives them a boost of confidence that they wouldn’t have in a Wal-Mart outfit. To basically sum this up, we all have them some are just more normal than others. So if no one is stopping you from having yours, what is the purpose of you knocking them for having theirs? Now one day I pray that they are able to see their worth is more than just a Barbie doll. I hope that us other women find out our worth is not in our clothes or make-up because once it’s all gone that’s all us. Strip it away and you have the real you. So don’t knock them for being a Barbie but encourage them to know that they can be and are worth so much more.



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