Lets Talk About Pep!!

Can I just say I enjoyed VH1 new show about Pepa Denton. You may remember Pepa from the rap duo “Salt and Pepa”. Her and Salt recently did a show on VH1, I can’t remember the name and I watched but it wasn’t nearly as good as I think this will be. I was so proud that for once in a few years we were not made fun of on national television. BET, MTV and VH1 enough is enough. Start producing shows to uplift the black community not tear it down. I digress. The show follows four women around while they go on dates in hope of finding a lifetime partners. Now I enjoyed it because I felt for the first time I was watching the black Sex and The City.

These women were classy and yes Kittie is loud but  she wasn’t obnoxious. I enjoyed their different personalities. Each woman was successful and each personality was unique. Jacque reminds me of myself. Career driven but now she finds herself single and longing to have a child. She is the more subtle one. Pep and Kittie were my favorites, just because of the fact that on their dates they knew what they wanted and went for it. I honestly wish I had friends like this where I can sit and just talk to them. I think everyone should tune in and support good television. It’s ironic that everyone is starting to talk about black women being single. Maybe I was the only one who put the show and ABC news clip together? Any who it comes on Vh1 on Monday night at 9!!



4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Pep!!

    • I think you will enjoy it. My t.v. stays off a lot but I like this show. It showed us in a positive way. Everyone was career driven, sexy and smart. Just single. LOL but look it up I really feel you will enjoy it.

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