“I Forgot Obama Was Black”

This will be quick and sweet. I can honestly say I was not offended by this. For one the statement was ignorant but there was some truth behind what he said. I took this statement two ways. My first thought was; finally Obama is not being looked at as just a BLACK President but just as A President. For the past year and a half,  most of us are still labeling him as President Obama, the Black President. We are still looking at him based on the color of his skin. I know so many of us, including myself, was very excited about him winning. But I knew eventually I would have to stop looking at his color and judge him based off his works. I felt when he said that, he was trying to make that point.

Now my second interpretation was; sometimes we as blacks don’t always carry ourselves with poise and intelligence. Obama speaks with such grace and when he talks it’s so encouraging and uplifting. We don’t always do this. So when he said it, I felt bad because, it was a wake up call that we need to teach our children to speak correctly and not speak the Gucci Mane slave talk. So his ignorant statement could have come from us talking as if we have no education and no respect for ourselves. We have to prove people like him, or with like mind sets, wrong about us.

They tend to feel we are stupid and don’t want to do anything but live off welfare forever. Not the case for some but for many that is fine with them. We have to show him and others that they will not continue to make such statements about us because we are regular people, who are smart, charismatic, beautiful and full of poise and grace. I sat back on twitter and watched so many people get angry and worked up over something that was so small and silly. I felt Obama may have gotten what Mr. Matthews was saying.

Now this is not taking from the fact, that the statement was stupid. But this should make us realize we have a lot of work to do. Obama can’t be the only AA speaking with some type of intelligence. If you read the post below this one, you will see that I am speaking truth. Our words and actions play a big part on other races degrading and looking down on us. Let today be the last day they do that. Let Mr. Matthews statement be the last of his kind. Educate our young kids so that they can hold intelligent conversations. I see so many kindergartener singing the newest Nicki Minaj song but can barely count to five successfully. I won’t continue to ramble but just know this, YOU should look at things before getting worked up over silly things. Ignorance breeds ignorance point-blank. I said this last night in about to his statement. He was being ignorant and the people who worked themselves up disrespecting him did the same.


P.S. Did you notice more white people were upset over his statement than blacks? I saw a few people tweet that same thought besides me. I wonder why?

Editors Update: This is why he forgot Obama was black. This poor girl speech is in need of hooked on phonics.

Watch either or both are ridiculously funny. I wasn’t laughing at her at first but now… These videos are a mess.

Yeah her and many others are the reason. Not her fault I blame her upbringing. Please if your child needs ‘Hooked on Phonics’ get it for them.


5 thoughts on ““I Forgot Obama Was Black”

  1. extremely well put……….maybe a lot of white people think it’s the right thing to say??? “political correctness”?

    • Thank You for your comment and compliment! Yeah a lot of them do but it’s not the right thing to say. He made an ignorant statement because he never elaborated on what he meant. So no one knew how to take what he said. They weren’t sure if he was being racist or just trying to pay a compliment. I still wonder why so many white people were more upset than blacks? It could be that they were trying to be politically correct. You never know. I wish he would have elaborated more on his statement. Maybe we wouldn’t have had such an uproar! Thanks for commenting and come back again!!

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