Wale and His Pretty Girls

So I noticed via twitter that many young women were upset with this new video. *Sigh* why ladies? Why continue to let a rapper validate your beauty? Now let me say this, THIS SONG SUCKS!! The video SUCKS. So if you felt misrepresented  then be happy you weren’ t embarrassed by an idiotic tune. This light-skinned vs. dark-skinned nonsense has to stop. When will you learn that regardless of what color, size, shape or hair length you have you are beautiful?

Men have toooo much power over us as women. They have power over our relationships, how we love and how we feel about the beauty that we have within. It sucks. This video showed me that even a rapper has power over women he will never meet. He made so many women feel un-pretty. I never realized how many women let videos, validate beauty.

Ladies, don’t let Wale tell you if you are beautiful or not. Don’t give him and no other man that power over you. If you felt “pretty” before that then you should still feel the same way. I know most of the women offended had some insecurities as we all do, about their complexion. (Not saying all women are concerned with their complexion but we all have some type of insecurity.) I know light women who tan to be darker and women who are darker bleach to be light. Accept what God did for you. He created you in His sons image and Jesus was and is beautiful and in Gods eyes so are you!

Hopefully sometime this week I can blog about our insecurities as women and especially women of color. The video showed a rainbow of women. I saw all colors, sizes and shapes. So if you felt left out, check yourself. Ask yourself if you are maybe a little insecure about how you look because there was a few darker skin women in the video. As I said don’t let this video be that deep. Become WHOLE with yourself that way you can learn to take things for what they are and move forward.

*Shrugs* The video sucked and honestly this was the first song I heard from him. Not sure of the hype but whatever.


Editors Note: Ugh you guys should know if Gucci is on a song, it will suck. #justsayin


2 thoughts on “Wale and His Pretty Girls

  1. This video sucks BIG TIME! I mean, I think that’s why UMG pulled the video because it had such a bad reception from people and the video was so god-awful. I know it’s difficult to make a decent video during the recession if you’re an up & coming performer, but damn. I am so tired of the “Rapper w/ white background + mediocre skanks” video concept. I didn’t notice the skin color gradient in the video, which surprises me because I used to look at that all the time, but I was just distracted by how ugly the girls were. I thought they were supposed to be pretty? And they weren’t really doing anything useful…I mean, I thought he would go to DC and show how awesome people here can be (sometimes). I dunno…he’s not that great of an artist. 😦

    • Thank You for commenting!! I agree this video sucks! This was the first song I heard from him and it made me form an opinion of dislike. So many people were upset on twitter and I felt that I should say something. I didn’t notice if they were ugly or not. The video looked very cheap and I wasn’t sure of what the plot was. SMH I just know if all his music sounds like this I definitely won’t be buying his album.

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