Stripper Hoe

Sighs. So as you may have clicked the link above and read, many women are resorting to stripping. Now regardless of my feelings towards this industry; I have never looked down on these women. I remember being in the fifth grade and seeing “Players Club” and being fascinated with the things they put up with. I am sure there are more horrible things that happens. And the movie showed only a few but even at that age, I knew that judging them would be hurting them.

The article was decent. I felt it shed light on the industry and tried to show the positive side of it. But it was one-sided. It didn’t show the harsh realities or the fact that some of these women, struggle to get out of an addicting industry. I am the type of person, I want to see the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to know it all. So when reading the article, I understood the point they were trying to make but I felt they should have let people know this is an industry you try your best to avoid. I felt they should have spoken to a few women who ONLY strip; not all of them are in school trying to better themselves. Or even trying to do other things and venture out from stripping; you have some that JUST like to strip.

But this post is about the comments. I went on a few gossip sites and saw that so many people attacked the women who chose this industry. I felt so bad; I couldn’t understand why people felt they had the right, to look down on someone who chose a profession that SOCIETY feels is immoral. The way I always saw it was, if you sleep around or even have sex outside of being married, then honestly you aren’t any different from the young woman who does porn, strips or prostitute. In the end He only gonna look at the sin which is sex and showing your goods to everyone. He’s not concerned with what society feels is more morally wrong. His books tells us that only one man/woman is to enjoy your fruits so if you are giving yours up for free, what makes you think you are different from the woman who gets paid for hers? She is smarter at least she can go pay a bill you probably barely getting a HAPPY MEAL.

To say I was offended by the comments is an understatement. You had people calling them whores and saying they don’t respect themselves because they choose this profession. I never really felt they didn’t respect themselves. I feel as if some may have little respect or low self-esteem but so does the female who work in the corporate office. Not all of them are lacking in that area!  I couldn’t get how people say all of them have some type of insecurity or feel a need of belonging. So does the woman who work as a teacher at your local high school. What I am saying is, these women aren’t any different from the girl next door; she was and is the girl next door. They have feelings and know one wants to go on a blog and read so many harsh comments looking down on them when you (the person who is commenting.) are probably the neighborhood whore for free.

So before you place judgement on these women who choose this lifestyle ask yourself a few questions; Why did she choose this profession? What is her situation? Who is she taking care of? Wonder what she feels about what she’s doing? Because a few of them are embarrased by their work but may feel there is no way out. And you disrespecting them is making it no better. BECAUSE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU THINK; EVERY WOMAN DESERVES RESPECT! No matter what job she does.  Go out and support the ones who are trying to leave. Give them love and show them that regardless you got their back. Shoot do that for the women outside the industry.  So to sum this up chill with the ignorant comments and never say never. Because you never know when a situation may come up and you feel the need to dance for a few dollars.


P.S. I saw someone call a stripper on twitter a stripper hoe and that’s how I got the title. How rude of that person huh? And if you all don’t stop damning them to hell I know something. I get so tired of people saying they are gonna burn. The Christian in me wants the holy rollers who probably sleeping the pastor to SAT IT DOWN! You don’t know their hearts or their relationship with God. I am happy I learned that Christians are to love their fellow-man as Christ loves us. UNCONDITIONALLY! Black women as I said before we are bad about criticizing regardless of the situation. Show love to each other and maybe you can save the next girl who is considering this as her profession.

*MUAH* For real this time!


9 thoughts on “Stripper Hoe

  1. As you said, “Because a few of them are embarrased by their work but may feel there is no way out;” I think this is a further clarification of some individuals who may have low self-esteem working in this profession -there are many ways out but this is one of the easiest way and quickest ways in. Professional strippers objectify themselves at the cost of some ones pleasure; if one choose that career path thats fine but I think it’s degrading to portray oneself as an object. I think allot of these women have something to offer -some are beautiful and intelligent- but is this the always the right way? Some like to take their clothes off just because and others do for financial reasons but the question is it worth it?

    • Thank You for commenting. Now for us, people who disagree with this lifestyle, there are several ways out. You have to consider these women live the lives of miniature celebrities. Meaning, someone like Beyonce going from 80 mil to 80,000 a year would feel like she has no way out of her industry. Does that make sense? You have to understand these women make a few thousands on a good night and to go to a 9-5 and make a grand at the most in two weeks is like a culture shock to them. Now I agree this is quick easy money and to some a lazy way of obtaining it. I honestly don’t feel these women are lazy. It takes a lot to get up there and do something, that people will look down on you for everyday.

      They ALL have something to offer. But I think a lot of times a FEW of them may have never been told that. Some may not know their worth or know that there are endless possibilities for their life. Childhood plays a huge part in your adult life. I often wonder what some of their childhoods were like. Some are searching for love and/or acceptance. I have a feeling this will have a part two. Because I often feel connected to the people that are the most judged in the world. For the time being it’s worth it. They are able to feed their kids or families. Pay their way through school without any loans. Like I said some do it for no real reason besides that they just like dancing nude. But to each its own. I would love to interview some because I have a feeling none of them dance sober. I wonder how they get through it. Once again thank you! I love knowing peoples thoughts.

  2. I really liked this. It was very open minded and honest. My own momma is just like the person you commented on who is quick to damn everybody to hell when she surely isn’t God’s angel. I must say the title gave me the image of somebody on Jerry Springer and I couldn’t help but laugh. Keep up the positive vibes!

    • Thank You I am happy you enjoyed it!! LOL I know the title is funny, now that I read it again. I just wanted people to know we don’t have the right to damn them to hell or judge them because it’s not fair.

  3. The original article made me sad. Not one of the ladies interviewed said that they were up on stage for the sheer pleasure of it. I think naked bodies and dancing are beautiful but unlike the classic artform of bulesque these strippers are not being glorified…they are wokring long hours not really able to “move up” int eh industry and if money is the only reward it doesn’t seem rewarding at all. The article mentioned some of these women have to hide by day and live double lives.They’re grown and thats cool…but what concerns me more than anything is the children in the picture. If you are stripping to make a better life for your children wouldn’t you want to lead by example?
    There’s all kinds of wrong with this inudstry but it can be beuatiful all at the same time…my thing is that I have yet to hear from a stripper who enjoys what she does 110%
    Great Post!

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