Dear John Mayer

Mr. Mayer I know this letter is coming a little late.I felt that maybe I should address you and give you my thoughts and feelings on your “slip up”. I wasn’t too offended by what you said. You see, I understood what you were “trying” to say, yet your choice of words showed that as a man you have a lot of growing to do. I understood that you were trying to prove a point by saying that a hood pass is contradictory to its meaning. I got that you wanted to show people you could be smart and witty. I know you thought everyone would get the joke and even though some did, we still didn’t condone your choice of words.

You may have gotten sympathy if you hadn’t called your dick a “white supremacist”. I almost felt you were leading up to the Nigger comment by slowly luring us in. By the end of the interview majority of African-Americans felt you were racist and whites felt you were a douche. Either way you came out a loser in this situation. Now this doesn’t mean I will be starting a boycott of your music. Nor will I send the Reverend Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to march down your street but I will say this, everything you say from here on out will be analyzed and critiqued. People will always be waiting for you slip up and say something out-of-pocket. I hope you learned from this because I honestly feel your apology wasn’t sincere. Why? White people as of late, have the tendency to apologize when they say something racist. Your tears meant nothing to majority of us because we have seen it before. Does this mean I don’t forgive you? No, I forgave you when you said it but I won’t forget that you can possibly be a douche and do something like this again.  Tell your PR good job for making you apologize after Playboy went to press because you should have caught your “slip up” during  your interview. Mr. Mayer that is all for you now.

Now my people, I ask why were you all so offended by a word that majority of you use? I have listened to every possible explanation about why WE own this word. I have heard the “Ain’t you black? Then you a Nigga too” comment and the “We own this word cuz we took it and changed the meaning”. I never wanted to be a part of something that would forever make me look bad. And me being called or calling someone a Nigga is bad. The white man created this derogatory term and they have convinced YOU that taking the “ER” off and adding an “A” will make it all better. It didn’t! It still has the same meaning and honestly with either spelling it sounds the same. I say this time and time again. We can’t expect people to treat us with respect until we respect ourselves.

I have always felt that some not all but some secretly laugh at us every time Nigga slips out. If you don’t want whites using this word than why do you? Did you know that it means ignorant? Did you know that there can be a “White Nigger”? Do research on where words come from. Understand that Nigga hurts whether it’s John Mayer using it or Ray Ray from down the street. Know that you have to find other ways to express your love for each other. I know for most it’s a way to acknowledge your friends but I know there has to be another way.

Before I go, why were so many upset with the white supremacist joke? I swear I laughed. Reason being, a lot of black women will not date a white man but yet since he said he doesn’t want you either you mad huh? That doesn’t make sense and it’s also contradictory to your sayings and feelings. He has the right to choose whatever but like I said he needs to choose his words and witty comments more carefully. WHITE PEOPLE WILL NEVER HAVE A PASS IN MY WORLD. You can never get too comfortable with us. I don’t care if you join our Greeks, marry or go to HBCU’s; you will not have a “hood or ghetto pass”.

I won’t even talk about this “hood pass” non-sense. Not all black people come from the hood and not all of us talk like we are from the ghetto. Both to me are a mind-set. I feel you choose to be ghetto but don’t always have a choice in being raised in the hood. Hopefully, you got something from this fiasco and learned that EVERYTHING we say, they are listening.



3 thoughts on “Dear John Mayer

  1. Girl i didn’t get to hear or read John Mayer’s comments…just cause I’ve been drowning in work lately. Fromn what I read he “slipped up” or slipped out. I wish that for once..some of these ignorant people like Kramer would NOT apologize and spare tus having to hear the BS. It goes to show that the world is watching us and is feeding off of our deep seeded hate as a people towards each other. We are so quick to chastize the non-black who slips out the word nigger or some other ig’nant ish, but like you pointed out we as a community are divided in all other areas…no wonder ppl have these sordid views.
    Now you have me curious I gotta see what the hoopla is about. lol

    • I was upset but at the same time I understood what he wanted to say. He chose the wrong words. I kinda wondered if he used this word often because of the fact he does get along with a lot of “blacks”. I feel we are the only people who can change how people view us. So until we retire “Nigga” I won’t expect them too. Go check it out and see what the fuss was about. Twitter blew up over it. LOL

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