Please Go To Jail Already!

I can not believe that so many of you rejoiced when you found out Waynes’ sentence was delayed. Now don’t get me wrong I  never wish for someone to do “hard time”. (We all know his sentence is gonna be a piece of cake.) But for goodness sake could they please lock him up already! The only reason this situation upsets me is because the law wouldn’t do this for anyone else. Trust me I have seen someone go to jail who is very sick and they could care less. But since Wayne is a multi-millionaire, who can buy his way out or get more “free time”, then he gets special treatment.

This isn’t meant to be a long post or heck I am not really trying to say anything. I just want to know why are so many people upset with the fact that he is going to Rikers to do time? Why do you feel it’s unfair? Do you think the law would do this for you or anyone you know?

You know what I think? I think it’s strange that so many people support others when they are doing wrong. I don’t know much about him but I know he has not done much for society. Yeah he donates money to charities. Sighs. They all do. But besides that can you name anything the world will be missing once he’s locked up? *Don’t worry I’ll wait* Yeah, that’s what I thought, nothing. He makes songs that half of you don’t understand. He had a million and one children in one year. So really what do YOU gain from him not being locked up?  *Once again I’ll wait*

I am not saying he is a bad person because honestly it takes a smart man to go from nothing to something. But I believe he needs this time to reflect and think about what he can really offer the world. What he can do for his children. Maybe he will sober up who knows. But please stop tweeting your excitement about his time being delayed. It’s weird how many adults were happy about this. And how many felt it was un-fair. Celebrities should get the same treatment. Because Pookie and nem would’ve been locked up by now. Tired of rambling because only a few will get it.



4 thoughts on “Please Go To Jail Already!

  1. I think you may upset some of the Dwyane Carter (S)tans, they are going to be mad at you for this one! I agree celebrities should receive the same treatment. They also should be responsible for restitution to what ever bought them there i.e., drugs: They should have to donate to rehab programs. Guns: They should have to pay for ads or promotions on gun control. But who I’m I? I digress.

    • I know his stans are pissed at me but I could care less. This is ridiculous, I mean why all of a sudden he wants to get his mouth fixed? More than likely he will only serve 7 months and that will be it. He needs to go to rehab or at least promote condoms. We need no more of his seeds floating around. Chile I could go on and on but I refused to ramble in that blog anymore b/c only a few would get it.

    • Exactly a relative of mine had no delay and she is on dialysis. What makes it fair for him to get dental surgery? He has had a yuck mouth for years! On top of that she had small charges with food stamps and checks. (Ok no that small) but you get what I am saying. She didn’t get any special treatment and she should have gotten something!

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