Gourmet Cooking 1

I have practiced my cooking for the past six months now!!! I decided to do this because one day I want a family and I want them to eat well. I have known how to cook southern food for some time now but I didn’t know how to cook gourmet. So I took it upon myself to learn how to cook these wonderful meals and so far I am advancing in my skills. I even have a cooking partner now!!! Miss Keila from twitter decided to take the challenge with me.

A few people have asked me why I decided to start practicing for someone I don’t know? The answers were: 1. I am doing this because I like different types of food and I want to be able to make things I love eating. 2. One day I am gonna throw lavish dinner parties (they will be catered, who am I kidding) and I want to be able to cook something besides greens. 3. I do this for him because hopefully whoever he is, he will appreciate my efforts and enjoy my food. I know another reason is from a story I heard from my uncle once. He said that when he met my Auntie she couldn’t cook. So he ate burnt meals on the regular until she got good at it. Now she is the best cook we have. (Not to be confused with Bettie.)

So I don’t want whoever he is to think I am an awful cook when we marry. So I will start now. Let me list what I have tried cooking and what I have mastered.


Stuffed Chicken Marsala

Tuscan Garlic Chicken

Steak and Shrimp with Melted Cheese on top

Stuffed Tilapia

And of course all the normal foods like spaghetti and southern foods. I had those down before high school was over.

This week  I think I want to cook some Stuffed Salmon. I really, as you may can tell, liked stuffed meats. (NO PUN INTENDED.) I will do this weekly so let me know if you want to join in and cook with us. It’s really fun because I get excited to see the outcome of my meals. Even though most is donated to my co-workers. I still love doing it. The best part is when my nanan found out I was doing this, she bought me a set of porcelain square plates. THE ENTIRE SET!!! I was excited because now I can learn to plate my food. But one had a chip on it so I had to take them back. Now I have to order new ones but when I get them I will be learning how to plate my food like the restaurants do.

Like I said if you want to join in let me know. I will keep you updated on how my progress is going!!



2 thoughts on “Gourmet Cooking 1

  1. You give me hope! I’ve been on my own for awhile and I hate cooking with a passion. I can put together basic meals, but I really want to learn how to cook Jamaican, Chinese and Southern food because those are my favorites.
    Do you attend a class or is this just you following from a cookbook?
    I’d like to join in…I’m big on hosting dinner parties as well but I usually either a) have a bf that cooks or b)get it catered…but its a recession, I’m single and that does get expensive…so let me know if you plan on doing this again missy 🙂

    • Girl I go online and look up different recipes. I am having a dinner party next Sunday and I am thinking on stuffed salmon! I do this weekly with a twitter sister. Join in it’s so much fun because you get curious about your final product. I want to learn Chinese also!!! That would be fun. This week is her turn to pick so when she lets me know I will let you know.

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