Freaknik: The Musical Pure Foolery

Okay honestly I feel the title is self-explanatory but since this is a blog, I have to explain myself some. I am not sure how many of you heard about “Freaknik the Musical” that he created for Cartoon Network or not but it was horrible. I didn’t watch the entire thing because the first five minutes made me sick to my stomach. You know, I don’t think T-Pain and all the other idiots that took part in this realized that they set us back another ten years. He had them dressed in a million and one jewels. The english was horrible. They looked stupid and he showed that his mind has to be smaller than a pea.

I know many of you know what Freaknik was but if not let me explain. Freaknik was a big party in Atlanta for black spring breakers. Now if he had done something to just document what it once was, then that may have gotten a pass. But he made a mockery of it.

The reason I say that is, our race already has enough obstacles to face and overcome without one of our own people adding to it. To some whites and other races, we are looked at as a joke. Some already feel we are ignorant, welfare driven, lazy, un-educated, ghetto and delinquent individuals. So for him to almost play into every and I mean EVERY demeaning stereotype I just named, almost makes what they feel true. He cast Lil Wayne as Trap Jesus! TRAP JESUS are you serious?

It’s not much I can say about this besides from what I saw it was horrible. I could tell that it made him not only look stupid but since in a way T-Pain is part of me, it made me look like an idiot also. I wish people realized even the small comical things you do, has some effect on everything you may or may not stand for. I wish we would stop setting ourselves back 3oo hundred years. Even though it was just a cartoon I was still offended by it. We don’t have much on t.v. that is positive about us. So I can’t figure why he would add to the foolery. But enough about this idiot show I got better things to do!


Oh yeah he had Barack Obama step down as President and make Freaknik the Ghost the new President. *blank stare*


8 thoughts on “Freaknik: The Musical Pure Foolery

  1. I could not watch that show. I was so upset. It makes me so mad when people set stereotypes for black people and it is even more upsetting when a black person does it. I just feel like some stereotypes set us back hundreds of years and then we all have to work 10x as hard as any other race to get half of the amount of respect. I hate T-Pain. He is like that one kid in a class that is slower than everyone else and holds everyone back.

    • I got through maybe five minutes. I caught the end but it was horrible. I couldn’t believe he played into every stereotype about us. It was sad but what do you expect from dummies?

    • YESSSS!!! I was so upset. Trap Jesus? Barack stepping down? He set us back and now like Melle said it seems we have to work hard to make up for his ignorance!

  2. u guys are sooo totally over exaggerating this freaknik movie i got mad bacause it was offensive and not evan that funny

    • I am really confused by your statement. Just like us you felt it was offensive and not funny yet we exaggerated. Yeah… right. But thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  3. First let me say that I agree with you one hundred percent it is “pure foolery” I couldn’t watch it all the way through ’cause it was stupid. Though not representative of the majority of us, the blatant truths or stereotypes displayed in this show somehow seem to be considered gospel.

    We have to stop believing that we have to present ourselves as “acceptable blacks,” and “good blacks” to win white folks or any other race over. They are going to maintain whatever stereotypical view of blacks that they wish too, and its not going to matter what we do. Bending ourselves into socially approved pretzels, as black social contortionists, thinking that our behavior will win whites over is divisive and casts us as the culprits in the racial divide who must somehow win whites over if we wish to make social progress.

    • OOOH I agree with this. I saw the last few minutes but even from that I was mortified. I thought I was the only one who saw he tried to make us “acceptable” to whites. They or rather some, love to see us act like nuts. I couldn’t believe he played into all the stereotypes but then again it’s the man who still uses autotune. What to expect huh?

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