Barber Shop Boi Pussies and Lollipops

Alexyss is funny to me but even in her humor I can see where she is going with a lot of her videos. If you couldn’t get through the entire video (I know a lot of people don’t like too much cursing), she was basically telling women to be careful of the men you are bringing around your sons. Our children are easily influenced by the things they see and hear. She focused on how some of these men are exposing our sons to homosexual behavior. Now me being a Christian and trying to follow the Bible the best I can, I believe that homosexuality is a sin. So I got what she meant about that “spirit” that they are putting on these young boys. It hurts my heart to know that a few of them didn’t choose the lifestyle but instead it was chosen for them.

When she was speaking about the “boi pussies” I cringed a bit. I have often wondered how many young boys find out about homosexual sex by force or persuasion. I never paid much attention to the fact that, when you drop your sons and daughters off at the “shop” (beauty salon or barber shop), everything that is said and done around them, they are paying attention and taking notes. I never really got dropped off, someone stayed with me but I can remember a few conversations I should not have heard. It’s sad to know that some men are around our sons with just sex in mind.

We have to be careful of who we let come around our children. Women with kids can’t let every Tom, Dick and Harry come by the house or be around their kids. It’s not safe and it’s exposing them to your hoe tendencies. (This is not saying all single mothers are hoes but some of you have more men over than your kids have playmates.) You have to be really careful of who you let babysit. These nannies are babysitters are doing some foul ish to our kids sometimes. We can never be too trusting of who is in our inner space. I don’t have kids but I have little cousins, no one is allowed to touch them if I didn’t know them. If they were with me somewhere and you felt they were cute, that was nice but if you tried to touch them your hand would get slapped. More parents need to be slapping hands.

It’s so hard sometimes to pay attention to ALL the people who are around your kids but do the best you can to make sure the ones you can control are positive role models. Because they need role models and father figures. Especially the ones without fathers.

I really suggest people looking at her videos. Yes some of them are a little overboard but Alexyss has a great message for us. She is trying to make people aware of not only this subject but many other subjects that affect our community. Her videos can be a little long but I feel a lot of them are worth watching. Let me know what you felt about her video. Do you feel a lot of our young boys are being influenced by the wrong people? Or is homosexuality something that was already in them before they met the “barber”?



4 thoughts on “Barber Shop Boi Pussies and Lollipops

  1. I’m a big Alexyss fan, she even subscribes to my channel (ONE VLOG) lol but she’s real cool and answers all her email and really tries to help the one demo the wrold seems to always ignore (BLACK WOMEN).
    This video is def one of her most talked about. She aint never lie EVER…and this shows because by the minute her fan base grows.
    She really opened my eye to alot of things …keeping an eye of children and being mindful of who you are around is one of the biggest things i’ve learned from her.
    I dont believe homosexuality is a sin because some of the most bright and creative individuals are homosexual…and we were were all created and brought here for a reason..but i mean to each his own.
    However you cant dispute the fact that many homosexuals were moved to that lifestyle as a result of rape..that makes me sad. But rape/molestation is prevalent with know how many women have come out to me personally with those stories…this is a real concern, and I’m glad you write about this and I’m glad Alexyss is doing her part.
    Whoa this is

    • Haha it’s not long and I enjoy your responses. I like the fact that me and you can agree to disagree on the homosexuality situation and not be “blacklisted” from each others blog. HEHE You actually introduced me to her. I saw her video on your youtube page and clicked it. I LOVE her. I love the fact that she is so honest and outspoken. I don’t agree with the lifestyle but I love them. Which may sound weird but to me they are people who just don’t have the same mindset as me and that’s okay.

      Rape is a huge concern right now. It’s amazing how I am thinking back at the fact that these last two post in ways go hand and hand. This girl Kat basically was raped as a child and Alexyss is explaining how we can prevent it. Girl I love when she seems to be channeling some spirits to help her. It makes her videos even more funny and enlightening.

  2. i finally found the comments. i been thinkin about this more since i had my son . this madness has agot to end, cant believe all the homosexuality thats going on. i think a lot of kids are being influenced at a VERY YOUNG age. reason being is because i stil wonder why i have “lesbian tendecies” and wanted to be a boy growing up. my family dont allow that type of stuff so its just like, i dunno

    • Well it’s everywhere right now. You see it on t.v. and in movies. You see it on the street at school and every corner you turn. It was a time where being homosexual was like this un-written rule that you wouldn’t dare break but people have been more accepting which makes it more noticeable everywhere. You may have tendecies from something you saw as a child. I believe it’s a learned habit but some disagree.

      Pray and ask God to help you with it. He definitely will.

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