The New SuperHead of Twitter


Disclaimer: This is not to make anyone feel bad but to shed light on the fact that being a groupie should not be one of your life goals. If you get offended by this post then it was meant for you. But regardless, from one black woman to another I LOVE YOU and only want the best for you guys. Even the the groupies. (I really like disclaimers. Make me feel important. HA.)

So I honestly thought that SuperHead would be the first of last to do this but I am sadly mistaken. Now as of late these  jump offs and groupies been getting out of hand. Yesterday I was on twitter (my source for ALL news) and I noticed that everyone and their mother was talking about a young woman by the name of Kat Stacks. Me being nosey and wanting to know the scoop asked someone to link me up to her blog. Prior to reading her blog, I was a little upset with the fact that so many people felt the need to attack her. I tweeted something like, ” Why are people calling her out when they have hoe tendencies themselves”? I stand behind that tweet. Even after I read the blog, I stood behind my tweet.

Now I will discuss Kat first because she has the internet buzzing now. I don’t know if the stories are true and honestly I don’t care. I feel really bad that she feels the need to put herself out there like that. It’s one thing to be a groupie, prostitute or whatever she is but it’s another to broadcast it. I sat and read her blog and honestly I couldn’t figure out what all the talk was about. She wasn’t exposing anything. She slept with irrelevant rappers and she really didn’t profit from it. Where’s the story? The one disturbing post she had was her bio. I read and wondered to myself who didn’t love her as a child? Who mistreated her or harmed her? Because there was something she may have lacked as a little girl that now she is searching for as an adult. I pray she gets some help, considering she has tried to end her life several times. I hope someone who is close to her will reach out and do something because if she has tried suicide before, she may try again.

Now being on twitter my timeline was being filled with tweets from her. She and a few rappers argued back and forth about the situations she “outed” them about. I felt like un-following the people who felt the need to play into this foolery. The one thing that really annoyed me was the fact that people were enabling her and basically making it seem as if what she is doing is ok. It’s not. End of story. Selling yourself, giving it up to people who can care less about you and broadcasting it, is not cute. It’s not okay to sell yourself short. And it’s definitely not a good look to be considered a whore. Everything you do will be remembered and I am sure she wouldn’t want her grandchildren knowing that she slept with rappers for a living.

Now please don’t come on my blog saying I am a hater because I am not. I could never hate on someone who is hurting, seeking love, affection and attention from men. And for all of you who fit my tweet, let me say this, I think I was  more upset with you all than I was with her. The main people blasting her, are in the same profession as her. You may not be sleeping with celebs but some of you are just as thirsty to be put on by them. I was aggravated with the fact that these half-naked women decided to call her a hoe when most of them has been on someone’s “Love” show. How dare you go at her like you didn’t do the same thing? Don’t be blind to your own hoe sh**. That can be deadly if it’s not recognizable.

She is not the next Superhead either. I really hate people feel she will get big off of this because she won’t. The difference between her and Karrine is the fact that Karrine held her stories to the end. No making bad blood till she finished the book and was making millions off of it. If you want to be like Karrine, you may want to ask her how she did it. I am sure she will let you know. I’m really starting to believe that some of you say to yourself, “Ooh when I grow up I am gonna be the next SuperHead. I am gonna sleep with rappers, get pregnant, write a book and get rich”. If this is your thought process, please hit me up so we can pray or just talk because you deserve better in your life.

Ugh I am done but this goes to show that girls and women need their fathers. We need more positive role models to prevent situations like this from happening. We need more women, especially my sistas to step up and mentor girls so they won’t have to go through this. We need more of these video girls, strippers, adult stars and prostitutes to tell these young girls the truth about the life they lead. They need to know that it’s not all glitter and gold. This makes me realize that I need to start back volunteering with kids. I think I may sign up tomorrow, so I can at least try to save one life. I have been wanting to write a post about fathers and the validation their daughters seek from men other than them for some time now. Finally the door is open for me  to do so. I asked a question last week on Twitter/Facebook and I am going to post it here. Feel free to answer and leave comments.

Do you feel that some women seek validation from men in their relationships? If so, why? How can we help them not to look for it from men? Do you ever look for your father (whether he was around or not) in men?

Men feel free to answer also!! Let me know if you have met women who looked at you as their father.

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Editors Note: Took her picture down because I don’t like pics like that on the blog.


13 thoughts on “The New SuperHead of Twitter

  1. I will answer with a “In a somewhat of a situation.” Sometimes they can look for that male figure in a uncle or cousin, but most of the times we as men fail. I believe when adults were kids without father. They looked at other children that had fathers and male figure that loved them from birth and they tend to want that. Some women envy that when they were children whether they like it or not. Now when they get older, that is something I will hold off on.

    • Yeah I agree some children are jealous of others with fathers. But even as adult women, some are STILL jealous of people with fathers. It’s a cycle that don’t end until the person finds closure with it. Sometimes that closure never comes. Have you ever had a woman look at you for things her father couldn’t give her? Or didn’t try to give her?

  2. Wow@ this story…I dont judge her at all…like you I see a lost little girl who needed a role model to tell her she was something special.
    After reading this I’m even more convinced that twitter was not for me. This is the kinda stuff that put me off..all the judgement and was not a good look.

    “Do you feel that some women seek validation from men in their relationships? If so, why? How can we help them not to look for it from men? Do you ever look for your father (whether he was around or not) in men?”

    being from a single parent family in which my mother raised me..I can say without a doubt I most certainly seek validation from men and crave that daughter/father bond. I have donr this because i feel that the role of the father is to “protect and provide”..he is the FIRST one to teaches the daughter how to be self sufficient and be alert to male predators. Not saying the mother does not do this..but its a lot more meaningful coming from a male.

    I mean its impossible to help anyone who does not want to be helped,but for those who do…be a shining example. I know that I’ve neglected the fact that i had “daddy issues” for a minute and that ish comes and bites me in the butt because I have not dealt with it.
    I guess through my blog/writing I can be an example to others by showing them ways I cope and work my issues.

    ugh another long response, but you bring this out in me JE’TARA!! LUv ya!

    • I LOVE your long responses. It lets me know that maybe something I am saying is having an effect on people. I won’t comment too much on my question because I will have a blog on how I feel about it. Twitter is getting to be a bit too much at times. Yesterday I felt like deleting my account from annoyance. I didn’t feel the need to put judgement on her because honestly she is a lost little girl. I so badly wish I could reach out to her and maybe help but I wouldn’t know if she would take it or not. I think the most upsetting part was the fact that, a lot of the “flavor of love” rejects felt the need to blast her. I was thinking to myself, “don’t you do the same thing”? Like how hypocrytical is that. Girl let me stop before I have a long post.

      Love you Goddess!!!!

  3. 1st, I LOVE the post, definitely makes an impact and really makes a great point! I definitely agree that this young lady is a “lost little girl” seeking attention, validation, a sense of self, but of course, all in the wrong way! I think all sensible people wish they could reach out, remove that hurt and pain from the hearts of people like this and give them a chance, even if for a little while, at living a normal existence for a change! But, like you said, they have to want to change, or want normalcy! There’s too many people “validating” the stupid behavior for sense to penetrate! SO, when either a) she is totally broken, b) she is abused to death or c) she ends up with a deadly illness or worse, she will probably WAKE UP and then say, enough is enough! but sadly it may be too late! SMH! This world needs Jesus!

    • Yes Willie the world needs JESUS!!!! I was so heartbroken about this girl. She is only nineteen so that just made me so upset that no one is reaching out to help her. Through twitter I felt so many people were telling her this behaviour was okay and it’s not. Willie I so wish I could talk to her and let her know that she can get more out of life. Geez I am not much older than her but I feel even at her age she needs a mentor.

  4. Wow, thanks WS for pointing me in this direction. I agree ahe needs help and prayer, not judgement. Maybe she didn’t have a father growing up or was sexually abuse..or any number of things.

    I hope girls aren’t growing up tryna be the next SH. I heard her house just got forclose so much for the money she was making sucking dicks. (sorry, just being real)

    I commented on your post about women needing to be validate by men. I agree..some females do. It’s a sad truth.

    Great post!!

    • I know her house did get taken from her. So sad but I feel some of them are looking at her success and saying if she can do it so can I. They aren’t seeing Karrines pain that she had and the fact that she was homeless. They just see where she is now.

      Thank You for commenting and suggesting me!!!

  5. Looooove it! This was def a good read sunnydelyte21…thanks lol

    I agree with everyone…..I know I have ‘daddy issues’, but I’m dealing with it. I love the fact that you’re signing up for volunteering! I had a mentor growing up and I must say, that can make a big difference in a child’s life!

    • Thank You!!! I also have ‘daddy issues’ and so I get where she is some. I am gonna be addressing that in the next blog post. I have volunteered before and had to stop for awhile. It really helps when these kids have at least one person saying I love and care for you. Hopefully I can do it again if work will permit. Come again.

  6. that last question “do you ever look for your father in men” i honestly think that is my problem. (sidenote: my dad died in 07) but i notice i do look for ppl especially dudes i come in contact with to be my backbone when i am supposed to be strong for myself. i dont wanna do things unless i have OTHER ppl backing me up and i sit around and let opportunities pass because “such and such not coming with me” instead of having enough faith in myself. i dont know if its cause my father was in and out of my life or what. i think im too busy playing the blame game for one to get anything done. i recognize how faulty having this type of mind state is, one minute i’m up the next i’m down. i didnt mean to go off topic w/ the subject, but in a way i kind of understood her pain, but at the same time, the girl seems so mental.

    • LOL she does seem mental very mental. When I did this post I myself had a sadness about the lack of fathers in our community. I wanted men to see this is the possible outcome when girls don’t have fathers. When they are always searching for love from men who want nothing but sex from them. When making huge decisions in your life you need to only think about God, your son and yourself.

      No one else matters with your goals because everything you do is for you and your child. You weren’t off subject at all. I am happy you feel comfortable enough where you can be open with me on this blog. I really get excited when people have comments or opinions they like to share. It could be from your dad or it could be the blame game. It’s up to you to decide who is at fault. It could be that both you and your dad have some fault in the way you make decisions.

      Kat seems like a hurt girl. She had me really disturbed with her tweets and her blog but she is still going strong. She has so many supporters that we may or may not see a book from her. I hope not but I hope she gets some help for this.

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