PSA: You Can’t Have Haters If…

Disclaimer: I just needed something to hold my readers over until the new few post. I have several drafts but I am trying to get my thoughts together because they are nothing to joke about. So please be patient with me guys because I am really want to give you quality over quantity. Oh yeah like I said before, writing disclaimers make me feel like I am saying something important. LOL

1.) You still live home with your mother.

2.) You don’t have a car. (Public Transportation gets no hate).

3.) You don’t have a job. (No job means no money).

4.) You have five kids. (I have no kids, I am definitely not hating).

5.) You have several baby daddies or mamas.

6.) You a bum bish. {Girl Stop (that goes for boys also.) you have nothing to offer but we hating.)

7.) You live your life through twitter. (Ugh you stay on twitter daily talking about your boring life like we give a monkey butt. You ain’t doing half the ish you say you do and verified accounts don’t mean you somebody.)

8.) You are a Flavor of Love, Real Chance of Love or any of the other shows rejects or winners. (We are not hating on you. Trust and believe who wants to subject themselves to such fuckery.) Oh no I cursed.

9.) You a Barbie. (Never wanted to be plastic. I prefer to be real.)

10.) You are reading this and being offended by it. (It was definitely meant for you.)

I am convinced that many of you are just obsessed with yourselves. You know no one is hating on you yet in your imaginary world, you have created your own haters. I really hate logging on to facebook and seeing a status “dissing the haters”. It makes me wonder who could be hating on you? Do you really have any? Or are you just so infatuated with yourself that you really believe someone else loves you just as much.

Now I am sure a FEW of you have them. (I said a few, don’t get happy.)  Because they are out there. But not all of facebook/twitter and dare I say Myspace users have them. You really need to evaluate your life and ask yourself if you really are just to “into” yourself.

STOP WITH THE MADNESS. I can assure you, that no one and I mean no one is hating on you or me. For some of you, if you have them I am sure it’s because you wan’t them. Many people have been un-followed by me because of this very subject. I can’t handle the madness.

Editors Update: Yes I had to add a few. Thought you all could use a few more. If you are offended by any of these, then know you probably saw yourself in it. Now finish talking to your imaginery haters. I am sure they are waiting on you to return to your imaginery world you have built.  



15 thoughts on “PSA: You Can’t Have Haters If…

  1. Thank you! Someone else gets it. I agree that there are some out there drinking the Hater-aide ☚That’s more about jealousy and or envy. I think folk like to cry Hate because it draws attention to them, it adds an inherent value to them. By creating the illusion that they or their lives are coveted, they inflate their sense of self-importance and self-worth.

    I propose a moratorium on the word hate & it’s misuse. Stop defining yourself by your haters, define yourself by those who love you. Word.

  2. I would like some hater tots, just cause I’m hungry- Thanks.
    As for the topic of haters…lawwwd I dont know I say we retire the whole concept..I’m more interested in self-love oooooweeeee…can’t wait for the upcoming posts, take your time- we’ll be here when you’re ready to share ❤


    You hit the nail ON THE HEAD… TWICE! (but be careful, my wife has SIX kids, and she HAS HATERS! I’ve verified! LOL!)

    But for real, you are SO RIGHT that a lot of these people (especially these teenagers and 20-somethings) are just SO into themselves that HATERS are in their heads!!! I really wish they would grow up (move out their parents house or get a job) and GET A LIFE that is WORTH envying! But as for those that SOMEHOW do have Haters, like Tramuel said, Define yourself by the ones who LOVE you, not the ones who HATE! BUT, like KATT WILLIAMS said, if you DONT have haters, you need to get your life together to get some, and if you DO have haters DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, Get FIVE MORE by Christmas!!! FEEL FREE TO HATE ON ME!

    “so what she/he keeps talking about you and hating on you. What do you think a “hater’s” job hate. if u have someone hating on u right now u better think of how to get 5 more ppl hating by Christmas. You need haters to make you stronger..w/o haters most ppl wouldn’t try to become better. Just tell them “b*tch u just hate me b/c u can’t be me…”

    • LOL Katt is a fool!!! No you know what I mean about having kids. It’s different when you got a support system with you. I wish they would acquire something people will hate on and try to mimick to make them better. But being a five star chick is nothing and I mean NOTHING to hate on. LOL

    • NO WAY!!! I get so tired of EVERYONE having haters. I really wonder about that sometimes for real. This post was gonna be drawn out but I said this is self explanatory. If the chick at Taco Bell got haters so do I. LOL

  4. **stands-up and claps** KUDOS HUNNI!!! You know I love everything you said and couldn’t agree more!!! I was recently thinking about how the word ‘hater’ is loosely used.
    Just because, a person doesn’t agree with you DOESN’T mean they’re a ‘hater’…its so many delusional people out here.

    As for this whole BARBIE movement…its crap. I grew-up loving Barbies…Barbie was glamorous, feminine, stylish, career-oriented and CLASSY. These bum bishes claiming to be Barbies wouldn’t know class if it fell out of the sky and hit their dumbasses in the heads.

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