This picture speaks volumes.

Men you all are doing the most right now. I am coming across more messy men than I am women. In the past year I have seen more men cause drama and rumors than I have ever seen in my life. Where is all of this coming from? Are men and women switching roles or some ish? I need to know and I’ll wait… Still waiting… No answer I see Hmph.

Well let me tell you something, this horrible habit a lot of men have picked up. This is not cute at all. It’s bad when women do this but men make this mess worse. See messy men are a headache to deal with because most messy men are punks. They once were known to try to end the drama, depending on what kind. Or at least they weren’t spreading it but this is a new breed of men we have these days. They thrive on it now.

The worst part about them is the fact that they never fess up to it. They never want to admit that they started the rumor or are the main focus of the drama. These men tend to revert the start of a rumor back on a woman. Meaning they don’t want to look messy but they don’t mind spreading ish around like wildfire. No problem giggling with you about whomever is the center of the gossip and definitely no problem going back and forth with it either.

Look men cut the crap and chill with the non-sense. It’s annoying knowing that men like being a part of drama. Stop starting ish with people, pretending as if you are clueless to what is going on. I work with these type of boys who love getting ish started, then when everything hits the fan they are flipping out because they know something is about to pop off. I think they are the reason for this post.

All the drama is unnecessary to me and each day I am at work, I have to hear a new story that one of the guys have come up with. (Yes, I try to ignore it and don’t respond most times but my co-workers will talk and follow you whether you listen or not.) Yes women gossip and it’s not healthy for them either but messy men are the worse. Ugh I am done because I just rambled through this post but know this men, if you keep spreading rumors or starting them, people will not want to be around you. So cool it, NOW!!!



4 thoughts on “Drama QUEENS

  1. Girl I been noticing this too! I think these sorts of men believe that since they not overly emotional (like us “women”) they are safe when it comes ot gossiping and starting mess.
    I try to keep my eyes open to this and squash it when i see it.

    • It’s getting bad. I do all I can to steer clear but it’s almost impossible because they get spread around so quickly. I work in a small environment so you can imagine how messy it can be. SMH but I got to find out why these men are participating in this foolery.

  2. I HATE to say this…but the reason we are seeing alot of Drama Kings is because, they are REALLY Drama Queens. Many they are DOWNLOADED…on the DOWN LOW!!! HAHA

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m laughing about the foolishness BUT I’m serious. Ladies open your eyes…

    • HAHA I think you are on to something… Maybe your next post about DL Men!!! hehe But these men have been really messy lately. Not only keeping it up but starting it.

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