The Bridge is Burned

“You should never burn bridges because you never know when you will need to cross one.”

A true statement indeed. But rarely obeyed. You never know who someone is or will be. Now the phrase itself is self-explanatory and really this doesn’t deserve a long post. But know this, every bridge you burn makes your journey 10x shorter than it was before. It makes it harder to reach any destination because a possible “bridge” could have been the one to lead you to your path.

You need to always be aware of how you treat others whether it’s a cashier, associate, doctor, friend or relative. You never know, I mean never know when you could need their help.



4 thoughts on “The Bridge is Burned

  1. I will only burn a bridge if the other person is being a real a-hole or if they say the type of things that cause my blood pressure to rise, other than that ppl of all walks of life are cool 🙂

  2. Lol @ the picture … It’s so dramatic but effective.
    I have had to go back across a few bridges myself, so glad that I didn’t burn those bridges! It would have been very easy to give them my a*s to kiss though.

    • Yeah some people make you want to just really give them a good kick but I am learning to think ahead before doing that. I am seeing first hand at my job how my co-workers pissed everyone off and now that they need us, no one wants to help. So now their struggling to get to the next bridge because of it.

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