Girl You’re Too Big for Your Britches

 Be careful who you put down today, they might be in charge of your future tomorrow… Quoted by Nova Giovanni

No this post is not about pants. This is an old folks saying but it’s still relevant today. Some of you are getting way of ahead of yourselves right now. That quote above sums up my post but let me elaborate. Some people get a small following and feel as if they can start being rude to the people who want to see them succeed. You are not all that. End of Story.

Now my buddy Nova went in on this subject Thursday because just like me I suspect he is seeing people be rude to others to get ahead. That ish is not cute. It may be cute for you but for me that doesn’t work. As I read his tweets, I was agreeing with him because I am trying so hard to be there for my people but some of you make it hard for people to help you.

Never get to the point where you are not humble. I see this so much, especially as of late. I am watching a few people get the big head and they are starting to disrespect the people who try to help them. This is not cute. I feel that when you are trying to make it, you should never be rude to people who want to help you. You shouldn’t get to the point where your already “small” fan base is slowly diminishing. Even when you make it, you should stay humble but when you are rude before hand (had to throw that in too)… You are definitely doing the most.

I can’t get why some of you get so ahead of yourselves when you are still just nobodies? Please answer me because I will wait. I am not hating in this post but I want people to know that you should never make people wonder why do they continue to support you. Don’t look down on others because it seems as if they have nothing to offer you now. You never know who someone might become or how you may need them. Don’t get to the point where people decide to write you off because now I got a few people who are about to get axed off.

I am rambling mainly because I am doped up. LOL but I know you guys get the point. Don’t start acting like you all that when you still haven’t accomplished ish. Twitter, facebook and tumblr ain’t sh** because all three of them are just fads. So if you want to keep your following stay humble and be nice to people who try to help you. So chill with getting these little rude tudes when you get asked questions about your project. Because if you do that ish again, I will snatch my support card (I know it’s no such thing) so quick it will make your head spin.


P.S. If it don’t make sense I am sorry. I am on meds and I am higggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Follow Nova at


6 thoughts on “Girl You’re Too Big for Your Britches

  1. I love t!his “You are definitely doing the most.” Lol!

    I feel you on this post. I’ve had a few phrases that resonate with me that I’ve carried from childhood and they apply. Okay, I’ll share (1)ne “You don’t have to put others down to bring yourself up” That’s essentially what they are doing with their rudeness, putting others down.


  2. Kudos sis…as usual you are on point. I see alot of that foolywang going on…meanwhile, I’m thinking damn its JUST Twitter!!! Don’t get me wrong I’ve met some fabulous people…but with the great ones come the WANNABES!!!

    You know the people that WANT you to know they are better the your usual…when the truth is they are really not. Its just LAME!!!! And people like that make me wanna lose my breakfast…guess they have never heard the saying “…you catch more bees with honey”.

  3. Yup, preach! Since I been blogging I’ve been running into internet snobs…I mean I dont expect everyone to like me but I mean if you blog you not some goddamn supastar you are a blogger. You need traffic to make your money or get recognition (wtvr your reason for blogging is) so you need to NETWORK and MINGLE.
    I try not let those kinda ppl bother me but sometimes they do get on my nerves. I try to focus more on the ppl who are with me cause they matter most.

    • I agree with all of this. It’s sad because we are all trying to brand but I just hate that person feels that since they have “made it” they can kick smaller blogs to the side.

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