Groupies, Tricks and Whores Oh My!

Disclaimer: I have no idea who these ladies are, the picture was just perfect for the post.

Lately the internet has been going nuts. *kat stacks voice* Why have they been going crazy you ask? A plague of Groupies, Tricks and Whores have the internet blowing up now. We all joke around when Kat says that she is running the net but it’s sad to say it’s true. So many of these women are becoming household names for their whoring behaviours. The worst part to me is they are being GLORIFIED throughout the net.

Now me being on twitter I see a lot of the foolery first hand. That is where most of it start. I see people praising tricks for snagging ballers and getting paid in the process. They are like mini celebrities. They have females asking them how are they doing it and where should they move to snag a baller. I am completely clueless about why this is cute.

They are bragging on the fact that these ballers know their names or he tweeted them. One thing I am learning about these “ballers” (not just players but rappers too) is that once they are done you are forgotten. So you only have bragging rights for a minute but after that what are you left with? Bragging on how to give head? SMH

Another reason I am bothered by this is that some of them won’t admit that they are groupies, tricks or have whore-ish behaviour. When the Kat fiasco came out, I watched these same “groupies” go innnnnn on her. I was amazed at how they called her a whore even though they were in the same profession. It’s a major contradiction. These be the same women with an a** shot or twitpicing in the mirror naked. O_O

I really would like to interview a few that have gotten out the business of being a groupie. I want to know why did they ever sign up? What were really the perks? What do they feel when people step to them calling them groupies? Did they think they would get famous? Or that these men would fall in love and marry them?

I ask you my readers, why are we praising this behaviour? What’s the point of being proud of a female who’s avatar is her naked behind? Then she wants you to take her serious when she is venturing out in her business but when you tweet her you gotta see an a** shot. Or you visit her “business” site and its nude pics everywhere but she is a graphic designer. #Byegirlflygirl

I am just tired of watching them trick young teenage girls into believing that this life is glamorous. Because nothing and no social network is censored. So people of all ages are visiting, reading and taking in what is being said. It hurts my heart knowing that a few of them will be persuaded into the lifestyle. Because they only see the flashy part of it. They don’t know that most of these women have to be drunk to dance, sleep around or take part in any of these shenanigans. They don’t understand that some have pimps and aren’t willingly doing any of this. I don’t want them thinking it’s okay to spread em for a rent payment or car note.

We need more mentors out there. We need more people giving out rebuttals to what these girls are seeing. We need more of them that are in the lifestyle to just be honest about what is really going on behind the scenes because it’s not always fun for them. Yeah they pop bottles, get into all the parties, take pictures with the celebs but then they go home to their regular life. I just don’t want anyone to be fooled. Because the one thing about some of them, they are only living in the moment and not for the future. Some have no clue about what is next for them. Because eventually the vaginal area starts looking a mess, your body starts sagging and the wrinkles set in then what?

I got someone in mind that I would like to speak with. Mainly because this young woman has managed to get out the adult industry and turn her life around. I know that she would be honest with me about everything. Mainly because she is always open about the “behind the scenes” action that takes place.

Hopefully someone got something from this, if not then I got a lot of work to do.



11 thoughts on “Groupies, Tricks and Whores Oh My!

  1. is so sad that women do this…I think part of it is the 15 mins of fame….look at the women Tiger Woods or Jesse james slept with..they are proud of what they did and try and justify their behavior..

    ..the other part i think is basically low self-esteem–to think that the only way to get a man’s attention is to have sex with him.

    I mean at least a prostitute is honest..she says this much $$$ for this much—–.


    • LOL yeah now I agree at least prostitues admit what they do. These females just think they are regular. LOL It’s very sad that they see nothing wrong with it. I wonder what they will do after their bodies sag or they become old news.

  2. Another great post.

    I agree it’s sad the things that some women glorify. It seems to all come back to the fact that they lack respect and value for themselves. Some women need to hold themselves at higher standard and want more than they are currently accepting.

    One of the saddest things to bear witness to is a woman who is lost and does not realize her own value and potential.

    Thanks for sharing and continuing to educate women. I just pray that some of the wisdom is being absorbed.

  3. Hun you already know how I feel about these tricks trickin!!! There is nothing glamourous or rewarding about disrespecting yourself…”don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem”. The saddest thing is these women work HARD to get around these men…just to be used and discarded like yesterday’s trash because at the end of the day that’s what they are to these men. TRASH.

    Honestly, any woman with will and drive can get anything herself…material possessions are easy to attain, trying to get back your soul that you sold for a Benz coupe is not.

    • LOL Meka that picture mad me so mad. I know he is still really impressionable so it’s no telling what traps he fall into. I had enough with the over glamourization (prob not a word) of the groupie industry. I got annoyed watching them brag on what he bought just because they are spreading them. I hope at least one of these women can get something from this. SMH

  4. Oh yes!!! And I soooo wish I was Chris Brown’s older sister…Lawd if I could just talk to that boy, give me like 10 minutes!!! He needs some serious guidance…so sad the industry has mind-f*cked another youngin’, I still remember when he 1st came out so innocent and now look at him. **sigh**

    • I’m with Meka in regards to the Chris Brown issue. I’ve been saying to friends I wish I was his manager, publicist, sister, bestfriend, something! He needs positivity and some common sense knocked into him.

  5. This is a great post and I totally agree with you. I don’t know if those women realize before or after, that actions are subject to consequences. Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be “recognized” for something, no matter how perverse or ignorant it may come off in the long run. That is one reason why I am not a huge fan of Twitter. So many people get on with the intention of communicating with their beloved celebrities, doing and saying everything for “attention”, not realizing that they are contributing to their fellow group of groupies, hos and tricks. These women (and some men, believe it or not) need to realize that selling their soul can only get them so many websites and book deals before it’s played out.

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