So Gucci Out Now?

*Heavy Sigh* He got out around midnight and the internet lit up. Every blog, social network and video outlet was blowing up about him being free. I was up really late so I saw the video as soon as it posted and found it hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time.

First Shawty Lo *rolls eyes* talking about the first place they hitting up was the “strip” a.k.a. strip club, was unnecessary and plain stupid. Plus he would be the last person I would want to greet me.  But he is not my problem. My problem is what does Gucci plan to contribute now that he is out? This little mini press conference didn’t come off sincere. He is claiming that he wants to be a role model now and that there is a lack of substance in the music industry. Let me insert a video here for you.

Now Gucci #comeonson don’t you feel you are playing into the lack of musical substance? I honestly don’t believe anything he said in the video. But I pray to baby Jesus he proves me and many others wrong. (I didn’t realize so many people disliked him until saw a facebook status and many were disgusted by him being out.) I don’t care about him being released because everyone deserves a second chance at life but it’s what you do with it that matters.

Hopefully we don’t get anymore songs about the bitches, hoes, cars and clothes. I can’t deal with hearing that ish no more. Maybe he will start putting out something with a meaning or at least one song that has something that is not degrading. Even though many females actually like his songs. I think that is his biggest fan base. Any who Gucci, please do what you say you will. Be a role model for the community so kids will look up to something besides having big rims and bitches. #thatisall you may continue with your day.



3 thoughts on “So Gucci Out Now?

  1. It’s funny, I like Gucci, but it’s not even really him I like. I like to laugh at him, “rappers” like him, and their f***ery!

  2. I could care less about Gucci. I like some of his songs and I doubt anyone would consider him a “ROLE MODEL”…

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