To Serve and Protect…

I have sat in front of my laptop for an hour now trying to figure out what I could say about this tragedy. The only thing I could come up with was, “Aiyana I am sorry that there was nothing we could do to protect you.” Or was there something we could have done?

I am sure most of you have heard about Aiyana Jones but if not go here to read about her murder. I read that article twice. I couldn’t believe that an innocent child had been taken from the world for no reason. To say that I am angry, confused and hurt is an understatement. My mind keeps racing and all I can think about is, what if that were my child? Or if that was my little cousin what would I be feeling now? How will her family feel days, weeks, months or years from now about this?

Even though I have no answers to those questions, my heart goes out to her family. I can’t imagine the grief her parents, grandparents, family and friends must feel right now. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have the police wipe my face in the blood of my child. I can not and pray I never have to know that feeling.

When I read the articles (because I read several), that was one of the few things that stuck out to me and made my stomach do flips. Her father, Charles Jones said that when he ran out to see what happened, he was thrown face down in her blood. How insensitive can you be? How could you be so inconsiderate of a parents feelings during that time?

The story of the police has changed several times because you know they are gonna do all they can to cover their tracks. First they said the grandmother attacked an officer and that’s why his gun went off. Then she didn’t attack (which I believe this to be true) but she went straight to the ground when the grenade went off.

Regardless of how the police dept. try to cover this up, it’s nothing they can do to bring back this childs life. There is nothing they can do to heal the heart of the family who lost their only child. But there is something we, as a community can do. We can start by calling the Detroit Police Commissioners and asking them what they will do to fix this wrong. We can hound them until we get answers. We can stop sitting back and letting them take away innocent lives because the mission was “flawed”. We can ask why is the officer on PAID leave. He shouldn’t get paid for killing someone.

This is not the first time the police has done this. Sean Bell was murdered with a round of fifty bullets and the officers walked. Nothing was done, no real repercussions NOTHING. Then you have the Sean Levert tape that has surfaced and I am sure they will find some way to cover that up to, even though we have proof of what happened. So see it’s time out for us believing that the police are here to serve and protect us. We have to serve and protect us from them. We can’t keep letting them put us at the bottom of the barrel. It’s time out for that. It’s time for us to band together and start demanding answers when they are in the wrong.

So was there something we could have done? My answer yes. There was plenty we could have kept doing over the years from the past “accidents” that have occurred. We could stay on them, let them know we are aware of the fact that they will do whatever it takes to cover up. Keep bringing up the names of Sean Bell and Aiyana Jones until they began to fix it. Stop sitting back because we are too afraid to take action and too afraid to just make a simple phone call to express our concerns.

I pray that the police department covers the expenses of her funeral. That is the least they can do. I pray that Jesse Jackson, Al. Sharpton and all other political figures just take a backseat and not try to get any shine off of what has happened. We shouldn’t always need those two setting things off for us because they only do it for press.

So tomorrow when you wake up dial 313-596-1830 and express your feelings and concerns. I called today and I won’t lie and say it was easy. My hands shook, my stomach turned flips and I had tears in my eyes the entire time I spoke but I made that woman aware that I would be calling again. We can write letters to them, whatever it takes to get the point across.

Address:  1300 Beaubien, Room 328
Detroit, MI 48226
If you don’t want your name on it, label it anonymous. Whatever, lets just all do our part to help her family get justice. Oh and shout out to the news stations and CNN for not really covering this story. I guess you have to be white and stuck in a balloon to get any coverage. Oh and you Uncle Toms, sorry Black officers that were there shout out to you also. Don’t turn your back on us because of the man.


8 thoughts on “To Serve and Protect…

  1. I know how this injustice works. I experienced it myself for the first time last Halloween. I was out with my boyfriend at the time at IHOP in homewood, enjoying ourselves. we have a notebook that we were writing funny stuff in about our relationship and we were passing it around. when we were leaving, there were two white women leaving also. he and i were playing around and running around the parking lot. i had taken the notebook from me and he was trying to get it back. we were by the car, joking and playing around. now, keep in mind, the two women are parked alongside us. we both had our car doors open, talking while sitting inside the car. Next thing we knew, all of homewood police department pulled up and pulled guns on us. they said they had received “anonymous” tips (hint, hint) from two white women, saying that i was being attacked with a weapon. they roughed up my boyfriend, slung him to the ground and raided my car. they actually took him to jail for “failing to comply”, some bullshit charge they stuck him with. the “weapon” they were referring to was our notebook. I have never been so furious in my life. My mom and I ended up having to get him out of jail and he had to be over three hundred dollars to the homewood courts. i was just happy that those police officers weren’t trigger happy.

    • Wow. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in Canada, but not as much. I struggle with leaving this place, but I feel a tad bit safer here than i’d ever feel in the states.

    • Thanks to every one who commented on this post. Her family deserves justice for what happened. I just pray the police be honest about everything.

  2. Everytime, I hear something like this as a mother it hurts. It’s alway conflicting statment and the want the families to understand…but if it was there kid could they???

    I hate hearing this..

    Thanks for sharing ur thoughts!!

  3. Well written J’ & a great idea to send letters! I’m all in.

    Of the media … “Either they don’t know, don’t show or don’t care whats going on in the hood.”

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