Seven Year Old Single Ladies?

I am sure by now you have seen the above video. (Duh sure you I have, I posted it for you.) I posted this video because I want to know your thoughts? What did you feel while you watched it? Did you feel it was age appropriate? Are people blowing it out of proportion or are the parents being careless? Tell me what you feel in the comments section.

This video is disturbing to me, from the skimpy outfits, to the gyrating and the unnecessary booty pops. Everything about it bothered me. I wish we lived in a world where they could do this little dance and we not have to worry about who is watching but we do.

This video has received over two million views on youtube alone. Those numbers aren’t including vimeo, dailymotion and WSHH. So just imagine how many people may have seen this. IMO these parents have opened up a door that is gonna be hard to shut.

I felt like there could be pedophiles lurking in that stadium, watching the video and preying on some little girl that reminds them of this video. I am praying that nothing like that happens but now the door is open for it. I read many comments and saw many response videos. Some saw nothing wrong and felt people were being overly sensitive to it. Some felt like me and would have been trying to murder the dance teacher. You hear about these pageant girls all the time looking to mature and… well you know the rest. Now it’s dance girls with all the make-up and adult clothing.

I just feel we have to be careful of what we put out there. You never know who is watching. You don’t know everyone’s intentions. I know the parents and teacher just thought this was a cute little dance. And that no harm would come of this but as adults they should have stopped and considered everything that could have come of it. So let me know what you feel. I just know if I have a daughter, she will not be doing any of this. END OF STORY!



7 thoughts on “Seven Year Old Single Ladies?

  1. It was very very inappropriate. The outfits, the style of dance, the song, everything about it was inappropriate. I watched an interview a few of the parents did and though they defended it, they didn’t have a valid argument for why they allowed it. They looked a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed, but had to defend it somehow.

  2. Somewhere, their is a Herbert or a guy that just slipped away from Dateline “To Catch a Predator” looking and they are loving this. I just never knew why people would attract kids to this at an early age.

  3. I agree with you.. my daughter loves this song and once she hears or sees it she tries to copy the dance. She only has the hand part down..thank God. But there is no way she would be wearing anything like that or dancing like that.

    No sir….she will have my hands on her cheeks…even trying something like that.

    I think people need to realize everything isn’t for everyone.

    We need to watch our kids and what they watch and try to mimic. I know I keep my eyes on my little mini.

  4. Like someone stated on youtube…”we got two year olds running around dancing to single ladies but don’t know the words to Yes Jesus Loves me”…

    Let the church say AMEN

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