House Negros…

Even with ALL your degrees, you still just a nigger to them.

There is not much of a post here but know this, “HAVING A COLLEGE DEGREE DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE THAN SOMEONE WITH OUT ONE. ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY AND TIME!” I know plenty of college educated people who still work minimum wage jobs. I think what bothers me the most is when people say dropouts don’t value education. GIRL? I valued education and money enough to quit. HMPH

You guys this rant came from a blog I was reading yesterday. This girl tossed around her degrees then proceeded to say dropouts don’t value education and if they say it was too hard that they were lazy. Even though she wasn’t personally attacking me I was offended. You never know what someone is dealing with in school. It’s not a breeze for everybody.

I did like that someone told her bougie behind that just because you went and got a degree doesn’t mean you “valued education or even means that you are more intelligent than the next person.” It just means you got a degree. One of my followers @LadyBlogga said that (and I quote), “Tell her I throw darts at my Master’s Degree… SMH” LOL she made my day.

Don’t forget that even with all your fancy degrees, YT’s probably still ain’t worried about you. You can have a million of those papers (because in 2010 honey that is all it is.) and they still are looking at you as the token nigg**. So boo don’t get ahead of yourself because I am sure you still working your way up.

So to all my sistas and brothas with degrees be proud because you should be but don’t look down on others who don’t have theirs. Just because you are a house nigg** now doesn’t mean us field nigg*** won’t come for that behind. College is not for everyone. Trust Me. I am the happiest I been since I left that joint. SMH


Oh yeah and y’all I did leave a comment going awfff. LOL This educated woman with an affluent background, doesn’t know how to use choose and chose. She hasn’t mastered spelling yet because if she did CLEARLY she would know that majority is not maority and all those commas she used wasn’t necessary. SMH yep I told her that.

While I am talking I need to go buy me an Engligh Grammar Book. HMPH I write how I speak BOO!!



7 thoughts on “House Negros…

  1. Hahahahaha! You know I was waiting for t(!)his … I need to go back and read your comments.

    “University degrees don’t guarantee intelligence.” Word.

  2. ..funny, I auditoned for the role of a maid with a masters pursuing a PhD., and I told the casting directer I did not understand why a woman with a masters would still be working as a maid.

    The casting director said it was a comedy……but the camera said in today’s economy education does not eqaul occupation….

    I thought the camera guy gave a good answer….

    • He sure did!! In our economy degrees equal nothing. Not knocking them but people have to realize we really are almost on the same playing field.

  3. You get ’em JeTara!

    Like I’ve said a million times, some people are book smart and that’s about all they have going for them. Pluck them in real life situations and they haven’t the slightest clue what to do or how to survive.

    When I was in college I felt like quitting, but I didn’t. School isn’t for everyone and know one understands another person’s life or situation, so whoever this person is that wrote that blog needs to take a course in empathy, sensitivity, and well get a degree in common sense.

  4. GIRLLL… lol aint that the truth. Let a piece of paper have THAT MUCH definition over who you are? As easy as you get things, they can be taken away. Not necessarily the degree, but a job can be taken away, her sanity, anything. Ppl need to get over the material stuff because at the end of the day, it’s about Whose you are, not what degrees you have.

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