Elin and Kelis Cooch is GOLD!

I am really bugging out now. Kelis and Elin (Tiger Woods wife) are starting to make Lisa Raye look like a newbie in gold digging. (I kid I kid) Yesterday I started seeing reports that Elin had asked for $750 million from Tiger in their divorce settlement. UMMM I am assuming that Tiger is a billionaire because if not she is walking away with everything.

After I saw the reports twitter broke loose on why Elin and Kelis deserved nothing. I don’t agree with the amounts they are asking for but I don’t think they should get nothing. I feel Kelis should only get enough for her kid. The alimony payments are a bit much in their case. I feel Kelis asked for way too much. She could have asked him to help her until she gets back on her feet because I am sure he would have done that.

Now Elin, wooo chile she don’t play. For one Elin is being outrageous with what she is asking for. I would have been with her if she said may 20 million but this girl wants major bucks. I think Elin deserves something because she has been there for a while. Everyone is saying she didn’t earn that money, she didn’t work. Last I checked birthing kids and taking care of the home is work.

If she ran the house while he was out traveling then she worked full-time also. Don’t forget that. Then a lot of women went in on  her but if some of these same women were in her shoes I am positive that majority of them would be doing the same thing. It’s always easy to be on the outside looking at situations like this. It’s easy to call her a gold digger because the life she has become accustomed to, she wants to keep. To me him cheating makes her case more understandable.

Maybe if they decided to divorce mutually and she pulled this stunt I would disagree but he cheated and in the words of Riley Freeman from the Boondocks “Nig** gone pay what he owe.” He lost because I am sure she is beyond stressed out and she is with the kids majority of the time so I know them jokers are headaches themselves.

So yes Nas and Tiger should cough up something, not as much as they are asking but something. You should want the mother of your children to be taken care of not struggling. But these are just my opinions.



5 thoughts on “Elin and Kelis Cooch is GOLD!

  1. I agree the amounts are out a here. I disagree on the cooch being gold though … nah kid them thangs’ is platinum encrusted in diamonds.

  2. I agree that they should get something and that what they are asking for is ridiculous.

    I don’t think the men ought to pay for their ex-wives lifestyles. I think these women need to get off their asses and make their own money. I seriously doubt they were taking care of their own kids, cleaning houses, and doing what the ‘normal’ stay at home moms do. They have nannies and cleaners, so I don’t think them or their coochies are made of or worth anything.

  3. I agree with u guys…

    I don’t even think I need to add anything more!!

    Oh yeah F* kelis….bitch stole my man!! LOL. Nas call me!!

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