It Has Nothing to Do With Gloria!

Ok so tonight I watched Basketball Groupies Wives whatever. I always get annoyed at how everyone jumps on Gloria about defending her sister. (Her sister supposedly slept with Shaq.) The women on the show feel as if she should discuss the situation. They think she is being unfair and low down because she keeps whatever she knows to herself. They all think that she should “understand” how it feels to be a wife and worried about groupies. (I am always amazed at how they call themselves wives.)

Gloria has said one thing repeatedly that I agree with which is, “It has nothing to do with me.” And it doesn’t. She didn’t sleep with Shaq so Shaunie should have no beef with her. Yet she does. Which brings me to my question/post. Why do women feel as if they should be involved in situations that have nothing to do with them? Why be mad at the innocent person that has nothing to do with it? I don’t get that.

I really think this woman is doing the right thing by not talking. Not because she is hiding something but because she knows it’s not her place to speak on it. If Shaunie wants to know she will contact the sister. If it were me, I would politely but sternly tell Shaunie to f*** off. They would not be ganging up on me about the situation because one it’s only between Shaunie and that girl. Two the other girls have no right to know anything even though they feel entitled for some reason. *rolls eyes and sips tea*

Don’t be getting involved in mess that have nothing to do with you. End of Story. (I just watched this so that is why you guys got a post on it.)


By the way the reunion will be great! Sandra busted her butt and Suzie (the one that either sucked her thumb or _____ too much.) gets arrested. OOOH Chile. But it’s real convenient that Gloria and her sister BOTH date ballers. HMMM I guess they were sitting on their bunk beds watching the draft and eating popcorn with kool-aid. SHRUGS No judgement.


9 thoughts on “It Has Nothing to Do With Gloria!

  1. I don’t watch these drama scripted “reality” (fake) shows, but that is one thing I don’t understand about Basketball WIVES… there are NO WIVES on it! SMH! I think anyone who watches should seriously file a “False Advertising” claim against the show and its creator, Shaunie O’Neal (soon-to-be-former) wife of Shaq. Anyway, like you said, its crazy that these women feel that Gloria should be speaking on things that don’t concern her directly! Unless she is f***ing Shaq too, its definitely in her best interest to avoid the subject! Let Shaunie’s sneaky ass get the details from the horse’s mouth! And anyway, what more is there to talk about? Shaq cheated on you, you know he did it, you are divorcing, you even created a TV SHOW to further drag the issue out… Why-TF do you need to have DETAILS? I’m sure its just for dramas sake! There is NO REASON you need to continue beating the hell out of this long-dead horse! Shaunie (and ESPECIALLY the other girls) needs to give it up & move on!

  2. I think that some woman blame those that are innocent because they need someone to blame and someone to point the finger at. They don’t know what’s going on and they can’t find the answers so it’s convenient to them to get upset with someone who they feel should know what’s going on whether it is by relation, friendship, etc.

    I can’t wait to see the reunion. I’ve been slacking on this series maybe because it just doesn’t seem real and the name of the show is so contradictory that is annoys me.

  3. I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve seen clips and tweets, I agree with Willie, there are no damn wives on there!

    I can understand Shaunie being mad, it’s just in some people’s nature. She has to blame someone for her hurt and pain. Especially when that someone is supposed to understand and be your friend. Anyway, if I was Gloria, I’d just say, “It’s not my place, if she did, which I’m not saying she did then she was wrong. I really don’t know about the situation or if there even was one. Talk to her about it if you must.” End of story.

  4. I agree with Mr. Stylez we should sue..most of them aren’t wives. The whole show is stupid I watched two show…and I was done. Shaunie is stupid like Willie said… Shaq cheated your divorcing him so move the f** on!!!

    Great Post!!

  5. ITA. She has nothing to do with that. ADDRESS THE PERSON YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM WITH. If you’re going to stay with your husband anyway, GET THE HELL OVER IT. You know he cheats, accept it for what it is like you HAVE BEEN or move the hell on.

  6. I have a hard time getting into this show because of the fact that the very title is misleading, so when adding that to the fact that it’s a VH1 reality show, it’s hard to take it seriously.

    But I think all the talk I keep hearing about it is beginning to make me want to watch it simply for the entertainment factor.

  7. I’m super late lol when is the reunion show? I have to see that! I agree with everyone, but umm….didn’t Shaunie cheat too? Didn’t she buy the pool boy a house? Either way, leave Gloria alone about it! Jennifer is the ONLY one married and her man is RETIRED lol!

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