Boondocks: Exposing Our Community

Tonight’s episode of the Boondocks was based off the little boy in the video. Latarian Milton stole his grandmothers car because he wanted to do “hoodrat stuff”. When I first turned to the show I was behind so one of my followers had to fill me in. Then I remembered him and his other run in with the law. 

Even though every episode has been funny to me, I never forgot that each episode is someones real life. If you follow the show I am sure you remember this little song.

When you laughed, did you get it? We all remember Barack becoming the President-Elect and I remember the joy and excitement I felt when he won. I also remember a lot of  “blacks” only voting for him because HE was black. Aaron did an entire episode based off that. Go here for a detailed synopsis of the episode. To me, Boondocks makes some of us more aware of our community. No matter how hard I laugh, I end up sitting back and asking myself, “Is this how we look to people?” Then I have to remind myself that not only are we watching but so are they.

They are watching this show with us and laughing with or at us. I like how he made each character significantly different. Because we are different. I know a lot of people hate the show because the N word is used often by Riley in each episode. All black people understand this show! I don’t care how many of you try to play stupid and say you just don’t get it. I know you do. A lot of the people who hate it, are people who are pissed that he is opening our world up to the world.  

This show is controversial in every way. From the B.E.T. episode (which was by far the most honest) being banned because the owners didn’t like how he exposed them. Not only are they making us look stupid but they dumb us down in the process. He showed how if MLK Jr. was to come back for a few days, how disappointed he would be at where we are at.

His episodes expose racism, white privilege, self hate, religion, obesity, nig**try, rap, R.Kelly, snitching, homosexuality and many other things that we struggle with as A.A. Is the show offensive? Heck yeah and I wish it wasn’t the last season because we need to be offended until we do better.

It’s too much going on in our community for us to ignore. For three seasons we have had someone trying to throw hints at us about whats going on but no one is taking it. Either you only see how comical it is or you are too angry to wake up and change things.

This episode had one thing that struck me. It was a white man who felt that since this seven-year old child was a juvenile delinquent he should be locked up or dead. A few things happen and the white man tells Riley to let the little boy die because that is what he deserves. Regardless of what anyone thinks, a few of them are trying to kill us one by one. This episode showed us just that. Most of you knew that prior to.

Don’t get angry when he uses the N word because our community uses it daily. Don’t be angry when he talks about nig** moments because we have all had them. Get mad that you probably aren’t doing anything about it. Get mad enough to figure out ways to not fit any of the stereotypes. Get mad that we keep killing each other. Be mad that a lot of our kids can quote Waka Flocka better than they can say their names. Get made about things like that. It is what it is. Now it’s just public.

I wish ppl would stop callin boondocks coonery…the episodes are based on real events that occur in the black community. Via BeholdALady

“Why keep talking if no one ever listens?” – Huey Freeman (Love this line from the show. Like I said he is telling us stuff now listen.)

For episodes go to He has this season so far.


(Gangstalicious on the pony is hilarious.)


7 thoughts on “Boondocks: Exposing Our Community

  1. I push the show, but to be honest I haven’t had the chance to watch the show in a good minute.
    But i always enjoyed it because it was edgy and educational @ the same time.
    Its natural for peeps to get mad when you show them the truth…

    “Don’t be angry when he talks about nig** moments because we have all had them. Get mad that you probably aren’t doing anything about it”

    But this quote is comment of the day…well said Je’Tara.

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