Happy Father’s Day???

I kept trying to figure out what I should say today to my dad for Father’s Day. I got nothing. I wanted to dedicate a post to him but I couldn’t come up with anything inspiring or heartfelt. I really wanted to be able to put my feelings here for him because I know he visits from time to time. I knew that I wouldn’t see him today, which is beginning not to bother me as much as I get older. 

I’ve never really celebrated with him, so I don’t have an idea of what I am missing. Today probably wasn’t the day to do a post for him anyway because this holiday is suppose to be positive. So next time, I guess. I guess all I can really say to him is Happy Father’s Day. Nothing more than that because that’s honestly all I feel at the moment.

Oh yeah Happy Fathers day to God! He is the bestest. Oh  yeah and to my Uncle A.R. (Not the one y’all read about.) Now that was and still is the greatest father figure I know!!!


(Decided to be positive so this will be the only Father’s Day Post I do today. I know I wanted to do two but why not let them have their day.)


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day???

  1. Thank God for positive, present, and influential father figures! I know so many people who turned out very well without bio fathers.

  2. I would like to say “Happy Father’s Day” to my Uncle Lou… (RIP) you were the only father figure I have known..it hurt like hell when I found out you were stole from us…but I know what a fatherlike love can be!!!

    Miss you always!!!

    Great post!!!

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