You Vs. You: Your Fictional Character Vs. Your Non-Fictional

I choose to be my own person, that is gonna take some people some time to get used to. Don’t want to conform to the image that others want of me.

The Battle of YOU!

You are in a boxing ring, your opponent is masked and slowly throwing punches. You fight this person regularly but can’t figure out who it is because they are masked and you are accustomed to them. The fight is always the same and you always lose. This particular fight you win and the masked identity is revealed. It’s a clone of you. All these years you have fought you. You’re confused about it because why would you battle yourself? The only problem is, you are fighting your “created” image instead of the person you are.

 I think a lot of people try to live up to the images that others create for them. Which ALWAYS ends up in a fail because it’s not who you truly are. The older I get, the more I find out who Je’Tara is. The more time I spend by myself, I learn that I like being with my thoughts. Not many people I know understand it but it gives me time to think about life, what I want out of it and a lot of other things.

As we live and grow, we get our own thoughts, sayings and create our own image. But when we are children thoughts, sayings and our image are placed in front us and we have no choice but to take it. You are like human puppets. They pull the strings and you perform depending on the string pulled. You get told to act this way and not like this. Don’t say this but say that. Worship this God but not that god. Wear this but not that. Everything is handed to you for you to conform/take to.

Then the teen years come, your peers and television began to tell you how to “be”. Since these are your more impressionable years you sometimes get lost in the image of what your peers want you to be. Then you are watching television and videos and they are feeding your image to you with flashy colors and lights and your whole self is becoming one ball of confusion.

Now you are an adult. And you are in a continuous match and each time you are finding ways to beat it. You start questioning who you are vs. who you want to be. You begin thinking of all the training and teachings you got as a child and wonder do they still apply? You basically wonder if you are your true self or the image of another?

You get to a point where you are tired and ready to win. So you put up your best fight and sucker punch that stranger bish in the mouth and win. You finally get control over you and your thoughts. You no longer worry about what others think or care about their suggestions. You become the image that you want and let your fictional character go. You start pulling the strings and performing your way. This is how it should be.

For those who like regular talk, Be you! Don’t be concerned with what anyone thinks or says because in the end NO ONE but God (if that’s your belief) matter. Their opinions shouldn’t have any relevance when it comes to your facts or life. You can take the suggestion and politely ball it up and trash it, if that’s what you choose. If you do something they don’t like screw em. You wanna be a hoe then screw me. (Cause you know I’on like it.) My opinion don’t count. To end this BE YOU and not a copy of someone else’s made up image for you.

I got a box where suggestions go but I don’t really give a f*** it’s probably best you know.  (Drizzy Drake said it best. It’s my favorite line he EVER said.)


*Not to be pulled from this site*


3 thoughts on “You Vs. You: Your Fictional Character Vs. Your Non-Fictional

  1. I’m a lonely person by choice and it doesn’t make me sad. I’ve discovered that I love my solitude and quiet time, I can hear myself, really hear myself.

    I thank the folks too for allowing me to choose my own clothes, food, hair style, friends, whether I wanted to attend something or not. I knew from age 3 I was my own person, thanks to my parents. I’m happy that at our ages we know who we are because I know ppl in their 40’s and 50’s who’ve yet to figure it out.

  2. lol, there’s Je’Tara inferno again…hehehe. Ok not really its called Je’Tara unplugged, you not mad you just letting it be known and I love it!!!
    The only person I will listen to these days is me. Ok I’m lying there are a few folks whose opinions of me matter because we exchange advice, love and intellectual property. HOwever we all control the direction of our lives so before I make any decisions I spend the most time consulting with myself.
    Cool post Miss J 🙂

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