Blogger Vs. Blogger: Beefing Via Net?

Yesterday, MTV announced the first ever MTVTJ. I don’t know all the details about the job but I do know that it was a job that many bloggers desired. The prize was a job with MTV and 100,000 yearly. Now for many working for MTV would be a dream and the pay would be the most exciting part of the deal. Well they announced that GabiFresh would be the first to do the job.

Now I knew the shade and bashing was coming. Gabi is a beautiful plus size girl with a great blog. She isn’t well known in the blog world but obviously, she was known enough to make it as a finalist. My timeline (on twitter) jumped off after the announcement. There were people asking why would they let the fat girl win? You had people RT’ing their fans saying that they should have won. I mean shade was everywhere.

For one, why does it matter that she is fat? Like she dresses better than most women I see on a daily basis. She gives out great tips on how to be a fashionista on a budget. (I like that.) And she stays true to herself. She doesn’t sell out on her blog. Or keep it cute to keep the checks flowing in. SO honestly I would prefer someone like her because I know she will be more honest about entertainment and her information is more valuable.

I knew a few “bigger” bloggers would be upset. I mean here is this girl who only has about 10,000 followers on twitter, blog (guesstimate) probably get half of that in hits a month and she won. The contest was open to everyone. Not just bloggers but to everyday people. (I said that like bloggers aren’t everyday folk.) We all had the chance to get our followers to vote for us. But most were so inconsistent with it that it was their own fault they didn’t win. Which proved they would be inconsistent with the work because the job calls for heavy tweeting.

I don’t know I just feel as if the jealousy is so unnecessary. I mean here is this black blogger, who not only won for herself but us also. There is no black blog who is as big as TMZ and Perez Hilton. This may help her blog gain some recognition and in turn may help a few of us also. The blogging world is growing rapidly. I just don’t think I will ever understand how people can hate on someone for doing something so great. Or be jealous because they didn’t work hard enough to win the prize.

Stop the blog beefs because honestly that ish is getting old. Stop throwing shade because it’s not cute. Ugh okay I am done, plus I filled my quota for my Monday blog. Yay!!!



10 thoughts on “Blogger Vs. Blogger: Beefing Via Net?

  1. First off, thanks for keeping me in the loop. I miss news all the time.

    Haters, Haters!!

    Her body weight should not matter. He skill and creativity is all that matter. Jealousy is all up and thru this…

    I’m glad they have someone of color to show that we black bloggers are out here as well!

    Great post!

    • Right her weight shouldn’t matter but to some it did. I was shocked but she tweeted about it. LOL and she through her shade saying she too busy to be concerned. SO it’s whatever.

  2. I was definitely not in the loop either. I don’t watch MTV anymore, so this was a great update.

    People need to stop raining on people’s shine – For real!! Talent is talent and that’s all there is to it. Full Stop.

  3. I knew there was some kind of contest going on, not sure what it was for, but thanks for the update.

    That’s the problem with people, you can’t please them. If some skinny bitch won, it’d be an issue. If a White chick won, it’d be an issue. No matter what, we as a people seem to have a hard time supporting each other in positivity. Always support those who aren’t for us and won’t help us. Then throw shade at those who might have helped us.

    Good for her and congrats to her!

    • Girl I was so upset like she deserved to win. Her blog is cute and fashion forward and she was the right pick. Plus we voted for her. SMH people are never happy I guess!

  4. If you’re flyy…you’re flyy. A lot of people think just because, they have a ton of followers on Twitter that means they’re a celeb…no ma’am. MTV, BET, Oxygen, etc are looking for FRESH faces…people with personality that bring something new and exciting to the table. There are a million celeb gossip bloggers and fashion bloggers…but what do you have that seperates you from the pack???

    Obviously this girl has that something special…so my advice to the disgruntled bloggers is don’t knock her hustle, STEP ‘YO GAME UP!!! In order to be the best you’ve got to beat the best…simple as that. I have nothing but well wishes for this chick…

  5. Girl, I had no idea who won!! But I knew that out of something positive would come negativity. Her weight has nothing to do with her blogging ability! People are sooo freaking shallow!! Geesh!!

  6. ya the blog world can get a lil twisted with reality. I mean ppl forget that you hit up a blog because you like what the site content is about not because of a blogger’s dress size??!!!
    Thats amazing tho 100k a year…Proud of her

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