Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Je’Tara Readers! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and brought the new year in safely. I wanted to give you guys some type of update on my life and the future of Je’Tara and the future of me. So here goes.

Twitter started this trending topic called #2010memories and I opted out because I really didn’t have much I wanted to remember. This was a hard year for me and very stressful. I cried more than I ever had, hurt more and for the first time didn’t have any push to try and fulfill any of the dreams I have. I mean, I didn’t attempt anything but this blog and even that became to hard to keep up with. I wasn’t able to focus on anything because I was so miserable and honestly I fell into a depression that I am still digging to get out of.

I am happy that 2010 is over but this new year doesn’t feel any different to me. I think I still feel the same because I am still at the same job, apartment and since Saturday nothing has changed. (Not that I expected a change that soon.) But now that we are in a new year I do hope to improve on a few things in my life. I pray to some way find all the dreams I buried inside me again. I wanna start back writing daily again. Start back my vocal lessons. Working out. All sorts of things that got put on hold this year I wanna do again. I mean I wasn’t born to be normal and comfortable and I plan to not live my life like that again. I wanna see Je’Tara (the blog) grow and expand.

I wont make any promises as to when I will be posting or how often. I think that was my biggest problem last year. I was saying I would do weekly post and when the day came to do them, I had no subject or either was too stressed to write anything. I got so excited when I started getting emails to write for different sites and when I saw my numbers go from a few hits a day to a few hundred that I got a little in over my head. So from here on out I am gonna take this blogging thing one day at a time.

Now on a personal note, I wanna start living. I been existing in the world for too long and I wanna know what it’s like to live and be free from everything. I heard my cousin say that he was free from people, especially family and people who wanna be family but have not quite made it yet. (That last part you had to be there to get it.) At the time it didn’t make much sense but today I think EXACTLY where he was coming from. So I wanna become that this year. I just wanna be free to be who Je’Tara is and not concern myself with what people think I should be. 

Hopefully months won’t go by before I update again. Hopefully I get the drive I had when I first started and start back saving the world one post at a time. Wait… Okay so maybe I wasn’t saving the world but a few people were getting something from what I was saying.

Okay I gotta get ready for work so I will see you guys sometime in the new year!!! Enjoy your year and make it the best year of your life!



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Take your time and post what and when you can. We know you’re around and just wanna know you’re doing well from time to time.

    I know what it’s like to want to be free, just you out there discovering things on your own and living the life you’ve always wanted to. Go get it!

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