I know I wrote a post on friendships a while ago but lately I’ve noticed that a lot of people still do not know the difference. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that adults are still confused about friends and frenemies. This won’t be long because I wrote on this before but be careful who you talk to and confide in. I was on twitter (the place where niggas never meet but always beef). I watched an exchange of people going back and forth with each other and secrets and text were all online for the world to see. Let me say this so y’all will understand. Everyone you meet is NOT your friend. You shouldn’t be telling secrets to folks you really don’t know. Friendships are relationships and just like your “romantic dealings” they need time to grow. Stop rushing to be besties with someone just because they seem nice.

I know we all love twitter or whatever but be careful in who you confide in on there also. I have met some great people on twitter that I speak with offline but at the end of the day I don’t know them niggas so I am still careful of what I put out there. I do this in my everyday life also because I am cautious with my feelings. Y’all just gotta chill.  Jesus Martin Christ. Just figure it out and if you need some help click here. Maybe that old post can help you out some.


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