The Voice of The Devil I Shall Not Follow

I know the title is long, weird and somewhat creepy but it came to me during my nap. So don’t be alarmed by it. Just follow along I promise it will all make sense in the end.

Last week I was filling out job apps and becoming frustrated. The fact that I know no matter how many I fill out I still probably won’t like the job can be disappointing at times. I know that “working” is not for me in a sense.

I went to sleep that night and clear as day I heard, “why are you settling”? It shook me and caused me to stay up majority of the night. The question was something I’ve asked myself many times but never had an answer to until now. For years I’ve been following the voice of the devil but the voice of God woke me up that night.

See the bible says that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Yeah I know I’m not dead so he hasn’t killed me. Never been robbed so he hasn’t stole from me and I’m still somewhat sane in the head so I haven’t been destroyed in a literal sense. However, I have allowed him to kill my dreams, steal my confidence and destroy my drive I once had.

Satan has this way of getting in our heads and making us feel inadequate. His voice doesn’t sound evil like we like to believe. I’m convinced it sounds like you. Just a regular voice. When God speaks I’ve never heard a loud boom or anything but I always know when He speaks.

Settling and becoming comfortable is easier sometimes. It’s easy just working to pay the bills and become complacent. It’s easy to wake up and go somewhere I don’t want to be and get a check.

I’m not religious but I do want to become more spiritual. I’m gonna believe God that I stop allowing the devil to speak and do a better job listening to Him. I know settling is not something He wants for me or anybody really. So I plan to give writing my all. There’s no reason why I can’t fulfill all the dreams and goals that are in me. This will be a journey but I’m ready to finally listen to the voice of God from here on out.


P.S. I did this from my phone so excuse any grammatical errors.


6 thoughts on “The Voice of The Devil I Shall Not Follow

  1. I feel you 100% on this. I’ll be 30 on Monday and I look back and think “What the hell I did with my 20s?” Yes, I have a masters degree and actually used it in my field. Yes I had my own place, car, ‘good job’ all that good ish but I’ve been so unhappy. My 20s was awesome I must admit, but I just spent to much time focusing on what others wanted me to do instead of following my own dreams and goals. I have a book being published on Monday as a way to commemorate my birthday. The sad thing is I could’ve finished the book years ago (it’s a collections of writings from over 10 years of journaling) but I always thought I had time. Now being a few days from 30, I’m like damn, where did the time go. I’m like you I can’t see myself getting up every morning and going to work for someone. I would feel physical pain each time I had to do it. Unfortunately now I’m unemployed which allowed me to have time to write but on the flip side I’m looking for a job because I need money.
    I realized how fast those 20s went by. My mindset now is if I want to be a national best selling author (even though my book being published is non-fiction my main goal is to write fiction)and have the ability to write full time I have to grind hard. I just can’t work for someone else the rest of my life. So I’ve been putting a lot of energy into this book, my WIPS, my blog, and reading.

    Sorry this comment was damn near a blog post within itself but your post resonated in me. I wish you luck in your endeavors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good for you! I think it’s easy to hear satan, but God can only be heard by those who want to hear Him. That is why I believe it’s truly important to carve out time to just be with Him (and cut out all the other racket ~ as my mother would say). Not always easy to do, but well worth it. Note: I just talked to myself more than you LOL. Good post!

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