Should We Live Together?

This came across my Twitter timeline yesterday. I personally have mixed feelings about it honestly. I understand why so many people are for it but for me it’s not a requirement for us to share a lease before marriage.

Most feel they want to know everything about a person before they say I do but I don’t. There’s certain things I want to learn about him after marriage. Plus most times people rarely get married once they’ve stayed together for so long.

I just wouldn’t want to get that comfortable before I get my wedding papers. I mean for me if we’re living together, signing leases and sharing bills then we should just make it official. Plus some men/women get so comfortable that they don’t see the point in marriage because they’re already in a common law marriage.

Knowing everything about my future spouse before marriage seems to take the fun out of finding out about his quirks after marriage. So my opinion if you want to live together before marriage then that’s fine but unless I knew we’re getting married for sure within a few months I’m not here for it.

These are just my thoughts on living together before marriage. Curious to know what others think about this. Let me know in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Should We Live Together?

  1. I’m torn between my Christian/cultural beliefs and the Western practicalities of it all. My mind’s telling me no…. but my body…my body’s telling me yessssss. But on a serious note I think you have to follow your gut instincts. If in doubt then don’t. It’s difficult to go back after you take that step.

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