I know I wrote a post on friendships a while ago but lately I’ve noticed that a lot of people still do not know the difference. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that adults are still confused about friends and frenemies. This won’t be long because I wrote on this before but be careful who you […]

Our Belief System Is Different…

I am (having this conversation) speaking with a friend about relationships, religion and beliefs. So to brief you on it, here is the dilemma. They have different religious views and they feel differently about sex. Now both have A religion but not the same one. He feels that sex before marriage is not right. Which […]

You Vs. You: Your Fictional Character Vs. Your Non-Fictional

I choose to be my own person, that is gonna take some people some time to get used to. Don’t want to conform to the image that others want of me. The Battle of YOU! You are in a boxing ring, your opponent is masked and slowly throwing punches. You fight this person regularly but can’t […]

Happy Father’s Day???

I kept trying to figure out what I should say today to my dad for Father’s Day. I got nothing. I wanted to dedicate a post to him but I couldn’t come up with anything inspiring or heartfelt. I really wanted to be able to put my feelings here for him because I know he visits […]