House Negros…

Even with ALL your degrees, you still just a nigger to them. There is not much of a post here but know this, “HAVING A COLLEGE DEGREE DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE THAN SOMEONE WITH OUT ONE. ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY AND TIME!” I know plenty of college educated people who still work minimum wage […]

Freaknik: The Musical Pure Foolery

Okay honestly I feel the title is self-explanatory but since this is a blog, I have to explain myself some. I am not sure how many of you heard about “Freaknik the Musical” that he created for Cartoon Network or not but it was horrible. I didn’t watch the entire thing because the first five […]

Please Go To Jail Already!

I can not believe that so many of you rejoiced when you found out Waynes’ sentence was delayed. Now don’t get me wrong I  never wish for someone to do “hard time”. (We all know his sentence is gonna be a piece of cake.) But for goodness sake could they please lock him up already! The […]

Dear John Mayer

Mr. Mayer I know this letter is coming a little late.I felt that maybe I should address you and give you my thoughts and feelings on your “slip up”. I wasn’t too offended by what you said. You see, I understood what you were “trying” to say, yet your choice of words showed that as […]

“I Forgot Obama Was Black”

This will be quick and sweet. I can honestly say I was not offended by this. For one the statement was ignorant but there was some truth behind what he said. I took this statement two ways. My first thought was; finally Obama is not being looked at as just a BLACK President but just […]

Black Designer Labels

 Sigh, did you really think I was talking about clothes? It’s about the labels that are often put on us as black women. A woman in general deals with so much being said or done to her but I feel like there are times when we deal with more. What are black designer labels? Bitch, […]