The Friendship Market

Last night I was walking around my apartment thinking about all the friendships I have invested in. I am sure we all have had some Good, Neutral and Bad investments in the friend market. I know I have and the older I get, the more I learn how to pick and choose which stock will make my investments grow and […]

Black Designer Labels

 Sigh, did you really think I was talking about clothes? It’s about the labels that are often put on us as black women. A woman in general deals with so much being said or done to her but I feel like there are times when we deal with more. What are black designer labels? Bitch, […]

Lack of Encouragement Among Black Women

As a black woman I notice the lack of support and encouragement in our community among each other. Tonight I sent out a tweet that read, “FROM ONE BLACK WOMAN TO ANOTHER, I LOVE YOU!! I don’t think we tell each other that enough.” The reason I sent the tweet is because lately I have felt that […]

Compromising Me for You!!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I giving all of me and not getting anything in return?” I think almost everybody in the world has asked that question at least once. If you haven’t, good for you. Sometimes, relationships can take a lot from you. Whether good or bad. And sometimes compromising for love […]

Can Men and Women Really Be Friends???

This question has been around probably since Jesus walked the earth. It has been debated so many times by me and my friends, and none of them seem to really have an answer. Personally, I think men and women can be friends, but you have to know what kind of friends you are. Because of course there are different […]