Hurt Parents Sometimes Produce Hurt Children

This statement is proving to be true everyday. A lot of parents have deep down buried hurt from their childhoods, relationships and many other sources. This hurt is being passed on to their children and sadly the cycle just keeps going. But I am determined to make it stop. Let me tell you about this past […]

Personal but Random

This post is random but I felt the need to write it. I been thinking about something an “acquaintance” told me about myself recently. (The conversation wasn’t recent but the thoughts are.) They told me that, “It’s almost impossible to get to know me.” I still remember sitting on the couch shocked because what they […]

Gourmet Cooking 1

I have practiced my cooking for the past six months now!!! I decided to do this because one day I want a family and I want them to eat well. I have known how to cook southern food for some time now but I didn’t know how to cook gourmet. So I took it upon […]