Groupies, Tricks and Whores Oh My!

Disclaimer: I have no idea who these ladies are, the picture was just perfect for the post. Lately the internet has been going nuts. *kat stacks voice* Why have they been going crazy you ask? A plague of Groupies, Tricks and Whores have the internet blowing up now. We all joke around when Kat says that […]

The New SuperHead of Twitter

  Disclaimer: This is not to make anyone feel bad but to shed light on the fact that being a groupie should not be one of your life goals. If you get offended by this post then it was meant for you. But regardless, from one black woman to another I LOVE YOU and only want […]

Barber Shop Boi Pussies and Lollipops

Alexyss is funny to me but even in her humor I can see where she is going with a lot of her videos. If you couldn’t get through the entire video (I know a lot of people don’t like too much cursing), she was basically telling women to be careful of the men you are […]

Stripper Hoe Sighs. So as you may have clicked the link above and read, many women are resorting to stripping. Now regardless of my feelings towards this industry; I have never looked down on these women. I remember being in the fifth grade and seeing “Players Club” and being fascinated with the things they put up […]


I swear you females (wordpress keep telling me to put women but women don’t do these type of things) are gonna make me punch each one of you in the face. So today or rather yesterday I was going through my daily blogs and ran across a particular post that just made my blood boil. The young woman decided […]

Do You Keep Him Even Though He Cheated?

This question has puzzled the minds of many women and some men for ages. Everyone has an opinion about it and they all have good reasoning about why they would leave or stay. Now of course, I asked it as a twitter question and most said they would bounce. I actually didn’t have anyone say that […]