Wale and His Pretty Girls

So I noticed via twitter that many young women were upset with this new video. *Sigh* why ladies? Why continue to let a rapper validate your beauty? Now let me say this, THIS SONG SUCKS!! The video SUCKS. So if you felt misrepresented  then be happy you weren’ t embarrassed by an idiotic tune. This light-skinned vs. dark-skinned […]

Black Designer Labels

 Sigh, did you really think I was talking about clothes? It’s about the labels that are often put on us as black women. A woman in general deals with so much being said or done to her but I feel like there are times when we deal with more. What are black designer labels? Bitch, […]

Lack of Encouragement Among Black Women

As a black woman I notice the lack of support and encouragement in our community among each other. Tonight I sent out a tweet that read, “FROM ONE BLACK WOMAN TO ANOTHER, I LOVE YOU!! I don’t think we tell each other that enough.” The reason I sent the tweet is because lately I have felt that […]


I swear you females (wordpress keep telling me to put women but women don’t do these type of things) are gonna make me punch each one of you in the face. So today or rather yesterday I was going through my daily blogs and ran across a particular post that just made my blood boil. The young woman decided […]

Why Are Black Women Single???

I often ponder this question. Mainly because I am a black, SINGLE, and a woman (by choice, fear and no one interest me). I posted this as my daily twitter question and the responses were good. Here are a few… 1.) because they r not putting up with bs 2.) I think our culture has accepted the baby […]

Do You Keep Him Even Though He Cheated?

This question has puzzled the minds of many women and some men for ages. Everyone has an opinion about it and they all have good reasoning about why they would leave or stay. Now of course, I asked it as a twitter question and most said they would bounce. I actually didn’t have anyone say that […]