The Friendship Market

Last night I was walking around my apartment thinking about all the friendships I have invested in. I am sure we all have had some Good, Neutral and Bad investments in the friend market. I know I have and the older I get, the more I learn how to pick and choose which stock will make my investments grow and which ones will cause my accounts to dwindle.

I started thinking about all of this when (even though it was something small, maybe) I was trying to explain to a “friend” that I would like their support in the things I am trying to do. I feel like anytime my “friends” (I use this term loosely) need support from me, I give it.

So when it’s not returned my mind wanders and I began thinking. For some reason, I began to compare it to the stock market. The times we are in, the market is very risky and it’s almost like playing russian roulette with your money and some relationships are no different. I decided to put them into categories so that I can start dropping them one by one.

The Good – These are rare.  The good is the best investment you can make. To me this one is more natural. You know right off that it’s going sky-rocket and that it was a smart decision to put your time into it. Good friendships grow from where they started. They mature as you get older and each party has a mutual love and respect for each other.

They make you smile or laugh even when you aren’t in the same room with that person. You can confide in them and not worry about everyone knowing the situation. They are also honest friendships. They won’t hold anything back to spare your feelings but they will say it nice enough not to hurt them. They want to see you succeed and will even help to get you there. These are not to be taken for granted. Your investment was well made with this one.

The Neutral – Neutral friends are the worse. Mainly because you can’t tell if they are for you or against you. They just ride the fence. They call you every blue moon just to be able to say that you all are still “cool”. When you see them they are grinning ear to ear as if you and them both are really happy to see each other.

They’re the ones that either you or them have each other on the back-burner. They aren’t necessarily negative towards you but not completely positive either. I would also call this the nosey friend. Neutral people will come around just for information and since y’all are on “good” grounds, they will feel no hesitation in asking about what they want to know. They get confused A Lot as the good investment. Their market is stagnant. They aren’t making you a profit but you aren’t losing anything either. It’s your choice whether to keep them or not.

The Bad – They smile and laugh with you, then turn around and subliminally diss you. These are the ones who never fully come out and tell you they hate you. But everyone else knows it. It starts off disguised as the best investment. It’s high on the market doing well and everyone is buying into it. Then it starts crashing. Then you realize it never grew a profit in the first place. Since it disguised itself you struggle to sell your share. You are steadily watching it crash but you keep holding on, praying that it rises up again when you know that it won’t.

Bad friendships have more fall outs than they have good times. BUT for some odd reason this crashing stock is fun.  They party, get drunk and are always around for the club but as soon as you really need them they are nowhere to be found. They are always with you when you are up but when you are down they tend to not have the time. You can never be honest with them because they feel as if you are hating on them. And they are always talking to people who don’t like you about you.

You never succeed with them either. As soon as you began to rise on your own, they pull you back. They find ways to hold you from reaching your full potential and tell you working at McDonald’s is okay because they are right next door at Burger King and they do not want to miss out on the trade-off.

Once it has crashed completely you finally sell it. Bad friends are the most hurtful. Especially during the divorce. They throw insults, try to take your dog, car and the house. They pull a Kelis and rob you of your hard work and manhood. (Okay maybe not the latter things but you get it.) They are the hardest to get over because they disguised themselves so well. You probably invested millions into them to only walk away with coins. (If you’re Nas, you’re paying back payments.) Sorry, sorry.

To wrap this up. Evaluate the people you call “friend”. Maybe not the way I did but figure out who really has your best interest, who’s stagnant and who has cleverly disguised themselves as your bestie.



It Has Nothing to Do With Gloria!

Ok so tonight I watched Basketball Groupies Wives whatever. I always get annoyed at how everyone jumps on Gloria about defending her sister. (Her sister supposedly slept with Shaq.) The women on the show feel as if she should discuss the situation. They think she is being unfair and low down because she keeps whatever she knows to herself. They all think that she should “understand” how it feels to be a wife and worried about groupies. (I am always amazed at how they call themselves wives.)

Gloria has said one thing repeatedly that I agree with which is, “It has nothing to do with me.” And it doesn’t. She didn’t sleep with Shaq so Shaunie should have no beef with her. Yet she does. Which brings me to my question/post. Why do women feel as if they should be involved in situations that have nothing to do with them? Why be mad at the innocent person that has nothing to do with it? I don’t get that.

I really think this woman is doing the right thing by not talking. Not because she is hiding something but because she knows it’s not her place to speak on it. If Shaunie wants to know she will contact the sister. If it were me, I would politely but sternly tell Shaunie to f*** off. They would not be ganging up on me about the situation because one it’s only between Shaunie and that girl. Two the other girls have no right to know anything even though they feel entitled for some reason. *rolls eyes and sips tea*

Don’t be getting involved in mess that have nothing to do with you. End of Story. (I just watched this so that is why you guys got a post on it.)


By the way the reunion will be great! Sandra busted her butt and Suzie (the one that either sucked her thumb or _____ too much.) gets arrested. OOOH Chile. But it’s real convenient that Gloria and her sister BOTH date ballers. HMMM I guess they were sitting on their bunk beds watching the draft and eating popcorn with kool-aid. SHRUGS No judgement.

The Blended Family


I don’t know if you guys saw the Smith Family on Oprah this past month but it was really a good episode. I know I am uber late because maybe if I had posted earlier you could have seen the video for it. Any who I’ll try to give you a little review before I get into my post.

The entire family was there. Jada and Will discussed marriage, family and the kids. They discussed how they keep their marriage spicy and how they discipline their children. The kids did their thing and spoke on what they were doing. Yada yada yada. I think it was only thirty minutes long. One thing ALWAYS sticks out to me when they are on Oprah. Trey’s mom (Will ex-wife and his oldest son) is always with them.

I remember years ago they were on the show and she sat in the audience (now y’all know Jada ain’t letting her sit on the couch) and they explained the way their family worked. Jada explained how both of them had to put their egos aside and become friends for Trey. She told Oprah how they would have family dinners and Sheree (the ex) would be in attendance. She explained how they had to build a relationship with each other and include her on everything concerning Trey because that was the only way it would work. They felt it was more about him than it was about their own personal issues.

Same with this last visit. Each time Sheree gives her two cents and she basically says the same thing. She never speaks too long but I feel that it’s a genuine friendship and RESPECT between these two. Which brings me to the point of this post. When you get married to someone who already has a ready-made family, you have to be ready for everything that is gonna come with it.

I had the Lunatic step-mom/biological mom situation. So I witnessed first hand how STUPID women can be when they aren’t ready for this responsibility. When you decide to marry someone who has this “baggage” realize that you take on EVERYTHING about that person. You aren’t just marrying him/her but you marry the kids, the family and THE EX. I think so many men/women get into these relationships un-prepared and un-aware of the responsibility they are gonna have to take on.

No one is sitting down and talking to each other before hand. Instead the other person gets married, then the child and ex meet the new family and ish hits the fan. By then it’s too late because emotions are high. If the relationship is anything like the nuts I have dealt with, the man is lying about the other woman; going back and forth being messy. SMH So there is almost no room for a friendship or at least some type of relationship to get them through.

For me I was dealing with nut cases (literally) and regardless of what they thought, their relationships played a HUGE part in my upbringing. So I know other kids get affected by it also. The situation can be harmful to a child. So before you run off and marry someone with kids or you already have your own set, make sure you are prepared for everything. Make sure you both sit down and talk with each other about it. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE TIME TO EXPLAIN TO THE CHILDREN THE CHANGES THAT ARE HAPPENING. You aren’t just marrying that one person but everybody and everything that comes with them.

You better make sure you ready for jealousy on both ends also. If you think the ex is jealous, chile believe when I say the current might be more jealous of the ex and the child. *shrugs* I am being so serious. So many have this situation where the new wife is jealous of the child. (not saying that was my situation. *rolls eyes*.) Where she is struggling to get past the point of not being first or having his first child. Then she be saying all kinds of ignorant ish. SMH it happens. Don’t think she is not talking slick to your kids because she is. LOL she is.

Be ready for the arguments and fights. The eye rolling and name calling. All that good ni**atry. Seriously tho, try to build friendships with each other. In the beginning it may seem stupid but you will see how well it works in the end. Even though she may be the ex, include her on decisions you may make with each other about the child. Especially when the child may live with the dad and step idiot mom I meant mom. SMH (The devil be in my fingers sometimes. Get thee behind me Satan. LOL.)

What I am saying is MAKE IT WORK! You may not get were the Smiths are but never let the child see the tension or the insecurities. It can work trust me. IF you work at it. I know the Smiths didn’t get there over night but they eventually did. Now they are able to be around each other (from what we see) and not bicker or make faces at each other showing their disgust.

I would never want to be a step-mom. If I have to I will do all I can to make sure that me and her sit down prior to the nuptials. Because if not, my marriage will be stressed, I will be stressed and most important the child will be stressed and Je’Tara don’t want no kids having f’d up lives because of me. Because it’s all about them in the end anyway. So take caution before you jump into it and you will be fine. Because most of the ex’s would have no problem with the new woman if she came in correctly.


Oh yeah I was trying to find pictures of Jada and Sheree and couldn’t but I found this!

Sheree got married in 07 and the little girl on the right is Will and Jada’s daughter Willow. Jaden and Trey were in the wedding also. Like I said you may not get this far but this proves that it’s possible for families to blend and do it beautifully with so much class and elegance. They are my favorite family. I swear!

GO HERE for the rest of the wedding pics!

This isn’t all about my situation. I have seen enough “blended families” to write this. Trust you can tell when I am talking about me. LOL I know my dad and uncle read this. It’s all love.

Elin and Kelis Cooch is GOLD!

I am really bugging out now. Kelis and Elin (Tiger Woods wife) are starting to make Lisa Raye look like a newbie in gold digging. (I kid I kid) Yesterday I started seeing reports that Elin had asked for $750 million from Tiger in their divorce settlement. UMMM I am assuming that Tiger is a billionaire because if not she is walking away with everything.

After I saw the reports twitter broke loose on why Elin and Kelis deserved nothing. I don’t agree with the amounts they are asking for but I don’t think they should get nothing. I feel Kelis should only get enough for her kid. The alimony payments are a bit much in their case. I feel Kelis asked for way too much. She could have asked him to help her until she gets back on her feet because I am sure he would have done that.

Now Elin, wooo chile she don’t play. For one Elin is being outrageous with what she is asking for. I would have been with her if she said may 20 million but this girl wants major bucks. I think Elin deserves something because she has been there for a while. Everyone is saying she didn’t earn that money, she didn’t work. Last I checked birthing kids and taking care of the home is work.

If she ran the house while he was out traveling then she worked full-time also. Don’t forget that. Then a lot of women went in on  her but if some of these same women were in her shoes I am positive that majority of them would be doing the same thing. It’s always easy to be on the outside looking at situations like this. It’s easy to call her a gold digger because the life she has become accustomed to, she wants to keep. To me him cheating makes her case more understandable.

Maybe if they decided to divorce mutually and she pulled this stunt I would disagree but he cheated and in the words of Riley Freeman from the Boondocks “Nig** gone pay what he owe.” He lost because I am sure she is beyond stressed out and she is with the kids majority of the time so I know them jokers are headaches themselves.

So yes Nas and Tiger should cough up something, not as much as they are asking but something. You should want the mother of your children to be taken care of not struggling. But these are just my opinions.


House Negros…

Even with ALL your degrees, you still just a nigger to them.

There is not much of a post here but know this, “HAVING A COLLEGE DEGREE DOES NOT MAKE YOU MORE THAN SOMEONE WITH OUT ONE. ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY AND TIME!” I know plenty of college educated people who still work minimum wage jobs. I think what bothers me the most is when people say dropouts don’t value education. GIRL? I valued education and money enough to quit. HMPH

You guys this rant came from a blog I was reading yesterday. This girl tossed around her degrees then proceeded to say dropouts don’t value education and if they say it was too hard that they were lazy. Even though she wasn’t personally attacking me I was offended. You never know what someone is dealing with in school. It’s not a breeze for everybody.

I did like that someone told her bougie behind that just because you went and got a degree doesn’t mean you “valued education or even means that you are more intelligent than the next person.” It just means you got a degree. One of my followers @LadyBlogga said that (and I quote), “Tell her I throw darts at my Master’s Degree… SMH” LOL she made my day.

Don’t forget that even with all your fancy degrees, YT’s probably still ain’t worried about you. You can have a million of those papers (because in 2010 honey that is all it is.) and they still are looking at you as the token nigg**. So boo don’t get ahead of yourself because I am sure you still working your way up.

So to all my sistas and brothas with degrees be proud because you should be but don’t look down on others who don’t have theirs. Just because you are a house nigg** now doesn’t mean us field nigg*** won’t come for that behind. College is not for everyone. Trust Me. I am the happiest I been since I left that joint. SMH


Oh yeah and y’all I did leave a comment going awfff. LOL This educated woman with an affluent background, doesn’t know how to use choose and chose. She hasn’t mastered spelling yet because if she did CLEARLY she would know that majority is not maority and all those commas she used wasn’t necessary. SMH yep I told her that.

While I am talking I need to go buy me an Engligh Grammar Book. HMPH I write how I speak BOO!!


Seven Year Old Single Ladies?

I am sure by now you have seen the above video. (Duh sure you I have, I posted it for you.) I posted this video because I want to know your thoughts? What did you feel while you watched it? Did you feel it was age appropriate? Are people blowing it out of proportion or are the parents being careless? Tell me what you feel in the comments section.

This video is disturbing to me, from the skimpy outfits, to the gyrating and the unnecessary booty pops. Everything about it bothered me. I wish we lived in a world where they could do this little dance and we not have to worry about who is watching but we do.

This video has received over two million views on youtube alone. Those numbers aren’t including vimeo, dailymotion and WSHH. So just imagine how many people may have seen this. IMO these parents have opened up a door that is gonna be hard to shut.

I felt like there could be pedophiles lurking in that stadium, watching the video and preying on some little girl that reminds them of this video. I am praying that nothing like that happens but now the door is open for it. I read many comments and saw many response videos. Some saw nothing wrong and felt people were being overly sensitive to it. Some felt like me and would have been trying to murder the dance teacher. You hear about these pageant girls all the time looking to mature and… well you know the rest. Now it’s dance girls with all the make-up and adult clothing.

I just feel we have to be careful of what we put out there. You never know who is watching. You don’t know everyone’s intentions. I know the parents and teacher just thought this was a cute little dance. And that no harm would come of this but as adults they should have stopped and considered everything that could have come of it. So let me know what you feel. I just know if I have a daughter, she will not be doing any of this. END OF STORY!


To Serve and Protect…

I have sat in front of my laptop for an hour now trying to figure out what I could say about this tragedy. The only thing I could come up with was, “Aiyana I am sorry that there was nothing we could do to protect you.” Or was there something we could have done?

I am sure most of you have heard about Aiyana Jones but if not go here to read about her murder. I read that article twice. I couldn’t believe that an innocent child had been taken from the world for no reason. To say that I am angry, confused and hurt is an understatement. My mind keeps racing and all I can think about is, what if that were my child? Or if that was my little cousin what would I be feeling now? How will her family feel days, weeks, months or years from now about this?

Even though I have no answers to those questions, my heart goes out to her family. I can’t imagine the grief her parents, grandparents, family and friends must feel right now. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have the police wipe my face in the blood of my child. I can not and pray I never have to know that feeling.

When I read the articles (because I read several), that was one of the few things that stuck out to me and made my stomach do flips. Her father, Charles Jones said that when he ran out to see what happened, he was thrown face down in her blood. How insensitive can you be? How could you be so inconsiderate of a parents feelings during that time?

The story of the police has changed several times because you know they are gonna do all they can to cover their tracks. First they said the grandmother attacked an officer and that’s why his gun went off. Then she didn’t attack (which I believe this to be true) but she went straight to the ground when the grenade went off.

Regardless of how the police dept. try to cover this up, it’s nothing they can do to bring back this childs life. There is nothing they can do to heal the heart of the family who lost their only child. But there is something we, as a community can do. We can start by calling the Detroit Police Commissioners and asking them what they will do to fix this wrong. We can hound them until we get answers. We can stop sitting back and letting them take away innocent lives because the mission was “flawed”. We can ask why is the officer on PAID leave. He shouldn’t get paid for killing someone.

This is not the first time the police has done this. Sean Bell was murdered with a round of fifty bullets and the officers walked. Nothing was done, no real repercussions NOTHING. Then you have the Sean Levert tape that has surfaced and I am sure they will find some way to cover that up to, even though we have proof of what happened. So see it’s time out for us believing that the police are here to serve and protect us. We have to serve and protect us from them. We can’t keep letting them put us at the bottom of the barrel. It’s time out for that. It’s time for us to band together and start demanding answers when they are in the wrong.

So was there something we could have done? My answer yes. There was plenty we could have kept doing over the years from the past “accidents” that have occurred. We could stay on them, let them know we are aware of the fact that they will do whatever it takes to cover up. Keep bringing up the names of Sean Bell and Aiyana Jones until they began to fix it. Stop sitting back because we are too afraid to take action and too afraid to just make a simple phone call to express our concerns.

I pray that the police department covers the expenses of her funeral. That is the least they can do. I pray that Jesse Jackson, Al. Sharpton and all other political figures just take a backseat and not try to get any shine off of what has happened. We shouldn’t always need those two setting things off for us because they only do it for press.

So tomorrow when you wake up dial 313-596-1830 and express your feelings and concerns. I called today and I won’t lie and say it was easy. My hands shook, my stomach turned flips and I had tears in my eyes the entire time I spoke but I made that woman aware that I would be calling again. We can write letters to them, whatever it takes to get the point across.

Address:  1300 Beaubien, Room 328
Detroit, MI 48226
If you don’t want your name on it, label it anonymous. Whatever, lets just all do our part to help her family get justice. Oh and shout out to the news stations and CNN for not really covering this story. I guess you have to be white and stuck in a balloon to get any coverage. Oh and you Uncle Toms, sorry Black officers that were there shout out to you also. Don’t turn your back on us because of the man.

So Gucci Out Now?

*Heavy Sigh* He got out around midnight and the internet lit up. Every blog, social network and video outlet was blowing up about him being free. I was up really late so I saw the video as soon as it posted and found it hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time.

First Shawty Lo *rolls eyes* talking about the first place they hitting up was the “strip” a.k.a. strip club, was unnecessary and plain stupid. Plus he would be the last person I would want to greet me.  But he is not my problem. My problem is what does Gucci plan to contribute now that he is out? This little mini press conference didn’t come off sincere. He is claiming that he wants to be a role model now and that there is a lack of substance in the music industry. Let me insert a video here for you.

Now Gucci #comeonson don’t you feel you are playing into the lack of musical substance? I honestly don’t believe anything he said in the video. But I pray to baby Jesus he proves me and many others wrong. (I didn’t realize so many people disliked him until saw a facebook status and many were disgusted by him being out.) I don’t care about him being released because everyone deserves a second chance at life but it’s what you do with it that matters.

Hopefully we don’t get anymore songs about the bitches, hoes, cars and clothes. I can’t deal with hearing that ish no more. Maybe he will start putting out something with a meaning or at least one song that has something that is not degrading. Even though many females actually like his songs. I think that is his biggest fan base. Any who Gucci, please do what you say you will. Be a role model for the community so kids will look up to something besides having big rims and bitches. #thatisall you may continue with your day.


Groupies, Tricks and Whores Oh My!

Disclaimer: I have no idea who these ladies are, the picture was just perfect for the post.

Lately the internet has been going nuts. *kat stacks voice* Why have they been going crazy you ask? A plague of Groupies, Tricks and Whores have the internet blowing up now. We all joke around when Kat says that she is running the net but it’s sad to say it’s true. So many of these women are becoming household names for their whoring behaviours. The worst part to me is they are being GLORIFIED throughout the net.

Now me being on twitter I see a lot of the foolery first hand. That is where most of it start. I see people praising tricks for snagging ballers and getting paid in the process. They are like mini celebrities. They have females asking them how are they doing it and where should they move to snag a baller. I am completely clueless about why this is cute.

They are bragging on the fact that these ballers know their names or he tweeted them. One thing I am learning about these “ballers” (not just players but rappers too) is that once they are done you are forgotten. So you only have bragging rights for a minute but after that what are you left with? Bragging on how to give head? SMH

Another reason I am bothered by this is that some of them won’t admit that they are groupies, tricks or have whore-ish behaviour. When the Kat fiasco came out, I watched these same “groupies” go innnnnn on her. I was amazed at how they called her a whore even though they were in the same profession. It’s a major contradiction. These be the same women with an a** shot or twitpicing in the mirror naked. O_O

I really would like to interview a few that have gotten out the business of being a groupie. I want to know why did they ever sign up? What were really the perks? What do they feel when people step to them calling them groupies? Did they think they would get famous? Or that these men would fall in love and marry them?

I ask you my readers, why are we praising this behaviour? What’s the point of being proud of a female who’s avatar is her naked behind? Then she wants you to take her serious when she is venturing out in her business but when you tweet her you gotta see an a** shot. Or you visit her “business” site and its nude pics everywhere but she is a graphic designer. #Byegirlflygirl

I am just tired of watching them trick young teenage girls into believing that this life is glamorous. Because nothing and no social network is censored. So people of all ages are visiting, reading and taking in what is being said. It hurts my heart knowing that a few of them will be persuaded into the lifestyle. Because they only see the flashy part of it. They don’t know that most of these women have to be drunk to dance, sleep around or take part in any of these shenanigans. They don’t understand that some have pimps and aren’t willingly doing any of this. I don’t want them thinking it’s okay to spread em for a rent payment or car note.

We need more mentors out there. We need more people giving out rebuttals to what these girls are seeing. We need more of them that are in the lifestyle to just be honest about what is really going on behind the scenes because it’s not always fun for them. Yeah they pop bottles, get into all the parties, take pictures with the celebs but then they go home to their regular life. I just don’t want anyone to be fooled. Because the one thing about some of them, they are only living in the moment and not for the future. Some have no clue about what is next for them. Because eventually the vaginal area starts looking a mess, your body starts sagging and the wrinkles set in then what?

I got someone in mind that I would like to speak with. Mainly because this young woman has managed to get out the adult industry and turn her life around. I know that she would be honest with me about everything. Mainly because she is always open about the “behind the scenes” action that takes place.

Hopefully someone got something from this, if not then I got a lot of work to do.


If Halle and Stacey Can’t Keep A Man…

I still sure can. Halle and Stacey have nothing to do with me having a man. Recently, Halle has been on the blogs for her break up with the father of her child, Gabriel Aubry. A few women felt as if Halle couldn’t stay in a relationship then there was no hope for the rest of us… Honey, physical beauty means nothing if your personality doesn’t match up. And obviously Halle and Stacey lack something else besides beauty. Watch the video below to see why Stacey has struggled to stay in a relationship.

This video and Halle’s new headlines were great ways for me to answer the question I posted MONTHS ago about validation. Stacey in her interview said that, she always needed a man to define who SHE was. That was interesting to me that she was able to admit that. A lot of women would hate to admit that they may rely on men for approval or definition. Some may not even be aware that they do. Her and Halle, IMO, are perfect examples of beautiful women searching for approval from the opposite sex. I don’t know what happened in their relationships but we can all tell there is something on the inside of them that needs a little work.

It took me a looooong time to write this post. I was so gung-ho about doing this when I asked you guys the twitter/fb question. Then something happened, I evaluated myself and thought about if I ever looked for validation or definition from a man. I came to the conclusion that I have and still do. See, my question just wasn’t about the men we date or marry; it was also about fathers. (No one caught that either, I even worded it so people just wouldn’t limit their answers to relationships.) For me I have wanted the approval of my father for years but never received it.

So I felt I couldn’t write this post HONESTLY without being truthful with myself. I didn’t want to try to give advice or even an opinion because I had a lot of issues within myself that I needed to deal with. Now have they been completely taken care of? No!! But now I know for a fact that I have them. I know that even though it’s not a “dating relationship” it’s still a search for someone to want or accept me.

To me, when you are searching for something you overlook the powers and love you have within. Me looking for him all these years caused me to have failed relationships (mainly friendships), not having the want to even be in one and questioning would I be good enough to make someone else happy. See when you are searching it can mean that you don’t know who YOU are. I had to figure out who Je’Tara was with or without him. Which was not easy. But once I did (which is how I can write this), I found out that I didn’t need his approval and if he never reached out it was alright. I would be WHOLE regardless.

So I guess this is all to say, women if you are searching (please don’t lie to yourself and say you aren’t, a lot of you do) check yourself and ask why do you need their approval? Why do you feel the need to have a man define you? What will you do if no man ever does? Even if it’s your father, what will you do if he never reaches out to you? Don’t let life go to waste because you are looking for someone to “love” you. Don’t wait around for a man to want and need you because as long as you are looking for it, it will never happen. You don’t want to be one of those women who does things for “attention”. I look at so many young girls who are so provocative or seductive and wonder who and what are they desiring or looking for?

Back to Halle for a second. When I saw those comments I was surprised that people believed what they were saying. There was a flood of comments on these blogs saying that there was no hope for us “regular” women. GIRL… You better calm it down. What does Halle have to do with you? How do you know that she isn’t crazy, stalkerish, has low self-esteem, obsessive or controlling? Why would you measure you WORTH by someone else’s? Halle been married several times and relationships we won’t even count. So obviously there is something about her. I mean really I was annoyed, hurt and bothered by their comments but it made me realize we as women, have a long ways to go. SMH I’ll be praying for my sistahs. (all of the colors)

Give your answers to the questions and your thoughts.


(Hey one promised post down! One more to go. Nigga {that’s the other one.})