I swear you females (wordpress keep telling me to put women but women don’t do these type of things) are gonna make me punch each one of you in the face. So today or rather yesterday I was going through my daily blogs and ran across a particular post that just made my blood boil. The young woman decided […]

Why Are Black Women Single???

I often ponder this question. Mainly because I am a black, SINGLE, and a woman (by choice, fear and no one interest me). I posted this as my daily twitter question and the responses were good. Here are a few… 1.) because they r not putting up with bs 2.) I think our culture has accepted the baby […]

When Did Dating A Married Man Become Ok?

This question came up after reading a letter or tweet by Mashonda aka Swizz Beatz wife. Go to or for the actual letter. Normally, I wouldn’t respond to celeb drama because I never want to be confused as a celeb blogger. This is an exception. Mainly, because this is one of the few celeb situations that is […]